Latest Mormon News and Events 4/25/2008

"Sheep Stealing" the reason Mitt Romney lost Presidential Bid? Interesting thought, but I really doubt it. See the Westin Town Crier, MA article: Weston Wayland Interfaith Action Group hosts speaker

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The article says: What are the concerns that Evangelicals and other Americans have with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known by the nickname of Mormons? Proctor proposed that even though Evangelicals have and will vote for Catholics, Protestants and candidates from other faith traditions, something about Mormon theology and doctrine doesn’t allow for similar support. Proctor quoted a report that this in part could be from a factor known as "sheep stealing." Evangelicals can be frustrated with losing followers who convert to Mormonism and with that lost membership comes economic repercussions. She also said it may be in part to "nearness of doctrine" that causes Evangelicals to feel threatened.

A commentor named Aaron said: Sharon (a previous commenter) has a right to her own opinion, but let us not beg the question. "For evangelicals believe that people who worship any God other than the God revealed in the Bible are in grave spiritual jeopardy."

Then I'd suggest you stop believing a different God then the rest of Christianity, because that is the God in who the Mormons worship! Whether Evangelicals "understand" differences of understanding equates to a different god is not only irrelevant, but ridiculous (and a very calculated rhetoric despite it being logically unsustainable). One can not simply change the being of an individual because you have a different understanding of him. That's like saying that the George Washington that founded this country and was the first president of the US who didn't have false teeth is a different George Washington than the one with wood teeth! It is juvenile, and ridiculous.

The following comes from The Anniston Star located in Anniston, Alabama.

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I am not denying that Mormons are good people and do many good things, but that isn't what makes someone Christian.
Elmyra N. Jackson, Anniston

Elmyra, I think we all understand your concern. But why do you deny the definition of "Christian" in every dictionary? Interestingly, someone responded to Elmyra in their newspaper.

Letter writer Elmyra Jackson stated that because Mormonism was so "deviant" from Christianity, persecution forced the Mormons to move from one place to another. The fact is that those most active in heaping persecution on the early Latter-day Saints were so-called "Christians," those professing to know Jesus and follow his teachings. I don't read anywhere in my New Testament any justification for the followers of Christ to vilify and torment any other group of people for their beliefs. Richard ByBee

Moving on to Raleigh, North Carolina and the Biblical Recorder. A Mr. Brandon Peay stated in response to Mike Lacona (NAMB, director, apologetics and interfaith evangelism), "While I appreciated your attempts to describe Mormonism, as an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a former missionary, I feel there were a multitude of misrepresentations in the piece." I have to agree with Mr. Peay, Lacona's misrepresentation is hardly accurate.

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A Baptism Exhibition in England is underway showing where around 600 individuals were converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reports the Ledbury Reporter. The article written by Mr. Gary Bills-Geddes describes William Carter, blacksmith that converted to Mormonism and was the first person to plough a half-acre in the Salt Lake Valley.

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The Christian Science Monitor has a piece written by Uwe Siemon-Netto titled Christians Should Keep Scripture Out of Politics. "That is not to say that Christians today shouldn't let their Christianity inform their political values and action. They should. But the Bible is not a political playbook. Christians, or adherents of any religion for that matter, should refrain from using holy text to fight politically over human concerns. Using Christian doctrine to push a political agenda is not just rude – it is a dangerous departure from the core message of Christianity: salvation by grace through faith."

Our hearts can heal

Our hearts can heal
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Among the headstones on the grounds
Where children sometimes play
There is a spot without the sounds
That little children say

This is where a child’s at rest
Beneath the sod and flower
These tombstones are with tears caressed
Til’ Resurrections hour

While we await the Lord’s return
To rectify our grief
We know we’ll see his glory burn
Rewarding our belief

Until that glorious day is here
The sorrow is quite real
Our Lord will also shed a tear
Through him our hearts can heal.

(Topics: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Mormons, and the LDS Church.)

A Perfect Family

A Perfect Family
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

From the dawn of our beginning
Upon this wondrous earth.
God has a plan for winning.
Starting with a child's birth.

Each child of God that comes here
Needs a mom and daddy first.
Could we conquer every fear
If each child, with love, were nursed?

Things, sometimes, aren't worked out
In perfection, in this mortal life.
Some people take a different route
And don't love, as man and wife.

So, when our lives are lonely
And pain is all around
We must look to our God only
Where his purest love is found.

Yes, we can be adopted
Into the fold of God.
There’s peace for all who’ve opted
To grasp the iron rod.

For, even if earthly family ties
Dissolve and turn to dust.
God will wipe tears from our eyes
As we place in him our trust.

The second birth creates for you
A built-in family.
And they will be forever true
Throughout eternity.

(Topics: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Mormons, and the LDS Church.)

Visited Before

Visited Before
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

God lives and is real.
He listens when you pray.
Pure love, he wants us all to feel.
He'll guide our steps today.

This supreme creator,
Loves us endlessly,
He calls a revelator,
And helps us all to see.

His love is so extensive.
He sent his only son.
This gift was so expensive!
The bridge he built is done!

Let us love him in return,
Though life is full of pain,
Remember that this earth will burn,
When Jesus comes again.

We need not fear the devil's roar,
We can be free of shame,
If we've been visited before,
By Gods great cleansing flame.

(Topics: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Mormons, and the LDS Church.)

There is Hope

There is hope
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

O struggling world so full of strife
Thy God is near to thee
He is the way to peace in life
Bright hope I truly see

For when we place our hand in thine
Our footsteps thou wilt lead
And guide us with a light divine
With love supply our need

The nations of the earth must bow
In deep humility
To find the peace you offer now
To view the hope I see

For death or trial with pain and grief
May come to me today
I through the Savior find relief
That peace inside will stay

My hope for our dark troubled earth
Is peace for you and I
The answer is the second birth
That Jesus can supply.

(Topics: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Mormons, and the LDS Church.)

Ghost Town

Ghost Town
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Darkness in the City
Brings a pensive mood
My state should bring me pity
Caused by thoughts on which I brood

This City is a ghost town
As empty as despair
Tonight I’m feeling down
And there’s no one here to care

Sure, The homes are full of people
Their lights are blazing bright
I can see the lighted steeple
On the church house, through the night

But I also see the shadow
Of friends who once lived here
Their hearts made my heart glow
And filled my life with cheer

So many friends have moved away
And yet their ghosts remain
“Remember me” their houses say
In haunting, slow refrain

I cannot travel down the road
Once the sun has set
For all the memories kindness sowed
Will not let me forget

So many houses with memories living
Those families sure were kind
I miss the sharing and the giving
That soothed my lonely mind

And yet, before I moved to this home
Someone’s friend first moved away
So wherever all my friends may roam
They will find more friends I pray

Yes, I’ll try to be the kind of friend
I hope and pray to meet
Because I know that in the end
I must love, to be complete.

(Topics: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Mormons, and the LDS Church.)

Refining Fire

Refining Fire
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

When life seems really sad
And full of punishment
It's not always cause' we've been bad
That the trials have been sent

In the Scriptures as we read, we see
Hard times the righteous face
Though pure in word and deed
They had to run this mortal race

The glorious crown we hope to win
Isn't in this place of scorn
For, though the Lord was free from sin
He wore a crown of thorn

Please, Lord guide us to the light
May we heed the words you say
Stay with us through this night
Til' we behold Celestial day

The trials of this life
Can inflict no lasting harms
If we trust God through the strife
Til' once again we're in his arms.

(Topics: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Mormons, and the LDS Church.)

To Clearly See

To Clearly See
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

We need to see things clearly, If we want to know the truth
We must hunger for it dearly, Hunting like a super-sleuth

We only see through darkly, As we travel in this life
Faith grows like a small tree, Overcoming storm and strife

There is a gift as great as love, That our kind God will give
And he has sent it from above, To help our faith to live.

A seer is helpful to us all, In showing truth and light
In taking down tradition's wall, And ending darkest night

We all have misperceptions, About our history
We see murky reflections, In the way things used to be

We need the help, God will provide, To understand the past
The truth can help us then decide, To find great joy at last.

My Son

My Son
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Evening light is fading
The room is dark and still
My child, sleeping soundly
Must wake to take his pill

I wake him very gently
He cries, for he is tired
He tries to move but cannot
There's a machine to which he's wired

And after he's asleep again
My heart is very sad
I feel like I should fix all this
Because I am his dad

Dear Father, up in Heaven
I'm pleading with you now
I want to heal my child's pain
Please help, and show me how

I feel I have no answers
Oh, Father hear my cries
My son is someone special
Will you just watch him as he dies?

Then, I hear a gentle voice
Speaking to my mind
Fear not, my child, for there is peace
In the plan that I designed

You see, I understand your grief
For I have felt it too
My son has also suffered pain
I've been as sad as you

When my son suffered on the cross
I wasn't by his side
I couldn't be there with him
Or help him as he died

Please know I love you and your son
And hold his little hand
You see, your loving kindness
Is the help for him I planned

And when his short life slips away
I'll catch and hold him tight
I hope this knowledge helps you
to make it through the night

So, Listen to your heart, my child
And you will clearly see
Your Savior, Jesus, paid the price
That all may come to me.

The Gift and Power of the Holy Ghost

The Gift and Power of the Holy Ghost
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The third member of the Godhead,
is a personage of spirit
Through his whisperings we are led,
as we listen close to hear it

Without a body of flesh and bone,
he enters into our heart
The truths of God can then be known,
by those who do their part

The Godhead works, always together,
in perfect unity
Giving us strength, life’s storms to weather,
with blessings eternally

The Holy Ghost will reveal,
the truth to the righteous mind
This truth, once received, no devil can steal,
because of the plan God designed

This quiet communication,
delivered softly to you and I
Is a gentle invitation,
to love our king who came, for our sins, to die

The witness of the Holy Ghost,
brings peace and certainty
This helps our conversion the most,
beyond what natural eyes see

As we strive to walk the trail,
that leads to eternal joy and bliss
We know that we will never fail,
if his promptings we don’t miss

The spirit can protect us all,
from danger of any kind
As we each answer his loving call,
great peace we soon will find

The gifts of the spirit will help us
to bless, those who need our love
We can help them to confess and forsake sin,
and dwell with our Father above

The soothing voice of a father,
brings comfort to a crying child
Let us help a Sister or Brother,
feel peace from the spirit so mild

The Holy Ghost can fill us up,
with perfect love and hope
The Savior can enter and with us sup,
and cut sins binding rope

Through the Spirit’s mighty power,
we are sanctified
We can find in every hour,
our needs will be supplied

We must enter through the baptismal gate,
to reach the Kingdom that’s best
The Gift of the Holy Ghost helps conquer hate,
and brings us peace and rest

He’s the Holy Spirit of Promise, it’s true,
and in this, his capacity
He confirms the ordinances given to you,
and those that are given to me

This approval depends on our faithfulness,
we each need this to take place
Our Father wants to guide and bless,
so we’ll worship him face to face

All honest seekers of the truth,
can feel the spirits influence and direction
Please ask God to bless all our youth,
to be worthy of his protection

The gift of the Holy Ghost is more constant,
than its influence alone
The gift allows him always to be present,
so we’ll have greater joy than we’ve known

We must keep the commandments of the almighty,
if we desire the spirit, to guide
We can enjoy his great company,
as in the love of God we abide

Full enjoyment of this gift,
can make us fit for Celestial glory
Let us go forth to bless and lift,
and tell all the world Jesus’ story

Each blessing comes, one by one,
as we prepare our hearts for God’s will
We must live in harmony with his Son,
if we desire God’s power to feel

God will bestow upon us great strength,
if we love him with all that we are
We know that we will conquer at length,
we can make it, no matter how far

The Spirit of the Lord may grieve,
his power may be quenched
If tangled webs of sin we weave,
the joy from our lives may be wrenched

Let’s keep our souls clean through the Lord’s grace,
and fill all our lives up with beauty
With help from the spirit we’ll reach the right place,
and accomplish each sacred duty.

The Atonement of Jesus Chirst

The Atonement of Jesus Christ
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The loving Atonement performed by our Lord
Can help us to find harmony
God loved us so much that he sent forth the word
To reach out and to save you and me

Jesus alone could rescue and save
And help us be made perfect too
He Helps us to get the mercy we crave
By showing us what we should do

The penalty warranted by all our sin
Required the infinite gift
The battle with Satan we each can win
Our burden the Lord helps us lift

From the beginning the Lord was ordained
To die for what justice demands
Salvation from sin can now be obtained
By following Jesus' commands

We each can dwell with our Father above
As we follow the Lord's righteous course
His sacrifice shows a supreme act of love
Let us drink from this spring at it's source

The Savior has suffered these things for our sake
To redeem all mankind from the fall
Upon us his name we gladly will take
He offers his love unto all

We can all go where there's nothing unclean
Through Jesus alone this takes place
We can be saved from things evil and mean
To again see his loving face

The Savior had power to lay down his life
And take it up after its end
He asks us to flee contention and strife
And come home with him as a friend

He suffered temptations but gave them no heed
And lived life in pure innocence
He knows how to help in our hour of need
For all he has made recompense

The blood of the Lamb for our sake was shed
He gave his life freely for me
He prayed to our God as he suffered and bled
For help to endure agony

Because of the love that our dear Savior had
For the will of our Father and God
Our hearts fill with joy and are truly glad
For he finished the course that he trod

We can find peace through the powerful name
That broke bands at Gethsemane
We can be lifted up out of our shame
By the hope found upon Calvary

We must accept the Atonement he gave
Or face pure, strict justice alone
We all need the grace that's might to save
We deserve no mercy on our own

Our Lord took away the sharp sting found in death
He was the first of those who slept
We shall live again after losing life's breath
Joy comes to his children who’ve wept

The Savior invites all the world unto him
We'll be judged for the works we have done
That day will restore each joint and each limb
Through the power of God's perfect son

Those who are righteous will have so much joy
And praise the Lord eternally
His sacrifice saves each girl and each boy
That died in their pure infancy

So let us have faith in our dear Savior's call
And overcome evil today
Let's deliver his sweet invitation to all
To be baptized and walk in his way

We all can become truly born again
Receiving the spirit to guide
And this must take place in the hearts of all men
To be filled with his pure love inside

If you will repent he will receive you
Come feast on his love to the end
Trust in the Lord in all that you do
And his grace he freely will send

Partake of his love so exquisite and sweet
Drink deep of the doctrines he'll send
Some day we will kneel at our dear Savior's feet
Where our pains and our sorrows he'll mend

He knows all the trials we each face right now
Come cast on the Lord all your care
We all can be healed and he'll show us how
He atoned so that we could come there.

The Instrument

The Instrument
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

In the hands of a master craftsman
Each tool works efficiently
The mind of the expert holds the plan
And sees what no other can see

He patiently works to finish the task
He's done this job often and well
He does the job better than any could ask
And when he's done the work, you can tell

The tool alone, never can find success
Or accomplish the things contained in the plan
Please help me dear Father to serve and to bless
Like a powerful tool in your almighty hand.

The Journey of Faith

The Journey of Faith
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Begin to exercise your faith
And you will surely find
The strength to come to Christ and stay
To love with heart and mind.

Our journey to the arms of Jesus
Starts with a single stride
And the best thing about this journey?
It is one that we make inside.

The journey that takes the longest
Is the journey we never start.
We’ll never be free from the chains of sin
Unless we do our part.

Yes, Let’s ask our Heavenly Father
To change us deep inside.
For if we trust in God completely
Then with him we will abide.

The Ant

The Ant
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I saw a tiny ant an afternoon ago
Dragging something sparkling, what was that thing in tow?
Upon closer inspection I realized with a start
That the ant had found a butterfly wing
(The most graceful of all natures art)
Could the queen have made a special plea?
Or ordered a piece for her chamber wall?
Saying, "Bring a thing of beauty to me!"
Was this ant I saw just fulfilling the call?
This is, I think, what queen ants do
For ants, I guess, like beauty too.

His image

His image
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Many see your dark skin
And think they know you well
Other faiths say that we sin
And are headed straight for hell

When we look in the mirror
And memorize our face
We think that we grow nearer
To learning our true place.

Yet, the longer I live upon this earth,
And the more I meet new friends
I've learned a lesson of great worth
As my suspicion ends.

I've learned as I look in your eyes
And walk on foreign sod
I see, in you, to my surprise
The image of our God.

Heavenly Father lives and loves us

Heavenly Father lives and loves us
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Heavenly Father lives and
loves us one and all
He sent Christ our Savior
to save us from the fall

Joseph Smith the prophet
Called to teach God's plan
Holy Scripture was restored
Through this righteous man

Through the Restoration
That gift of wondrous worth
The Lord sent his Church again
Here upon the Earth

Now we know the fullness
Of God's plan of grace
If we pass the test here
We will see his face

We must all live worthy
Of the spirits voice
He will help and guide us
When we make a choice

All our wondrous blessings
Come from God Above
He asks that we give him
Pure unending love

We can build the Kingdom
Each and every day
Enter to my kingdom
We can hear him say.

Will you weep for me as I lie sleeping?

Will you weep for me as I lie sleeping?
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Will you come to my coffin side
and weep as I lie sleeping?
Will you be sad when I have died
and returned to heavens keeping?

It’s O.K. to let tears move
softly from your eyes
It’s alright for those tears prove
where true love for me lies.

So weep for me with heartfelt zeal
as long as the sorrow flows
for that is the way you feel
and that is the way it shows.


By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Out of chaos I create
Words so very neat and clean
Speaking words of love or hate
To produce my inner scene

My words come from deep within
Where good and evil fight
Wherein begins goodness or sin
Where darkness battles light

And always I try to produce
A good and holy thought
And ever fight hard to reduce
The evil this world has taught

I hope that I win this battle with sin
That I may ever be
Welcomed to the light and saved from the night
To dwell, Oh Lord, with thee.

Latest Mormon News and Events 4/6/2008

Interesting article written by a man born in Iran and adopted into a Mormon family over on inTHEfray. He compares four things about Muslims and Mormons, and appears to have rejected them both by declaring, "To answer my own questions, I have looked elsewhere for a foundation of beliefs that do not resonate with such orthodox theocracies. I have found that my ultimate truth is blending of all religions' positive teachings and the forsaking of their fear tactics. In short, to teach love is my ultimate truth." I think however that the Mormon church has always declared the same thing, namely, that we seek for all positive teachings no matter what religion it comes from (Article of Faith 13). I wish him the best on his search to teach love, I believe that the genesis of love is a Father in Heaven.

Another interesting article from inTHEfray features an interview with Randall Balmer the author of God in the White House. In one instance he talks about abortion and the Religious Right "The Southern Baptist Convention, hardly a bastion of liberalism, passed a resolution at its gathering in St. Louis in 1971, calling for the legalization of abortion — a resolution reaffirmed in 1974 and again in 1976." Who knew? Balmer also mentions Joseph Smith, "The most intriguing element of the 2008 presidential primaries was the attempt by Mitt Romney to become the Republican nominee. He’s not the first Mormon to run for the White House, of course. Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, made a run in 1844, though it was cut short by his assassination at the Carthage jail... But 40 years later, it became clear — to everyone but Mitt Romney, it seems — that the former governor of Massachusetts would not be given a pass on his Mormon faith, unlike his father."

T.R. Fehrenbach writes an interesting article in the San Antonio Express-News titled Mormons Tested U.S. Assimilation. He says among other things, "The Latter Day Saints may still seem strange to some Americans, but they are widely admired for their virtues, their business acumen and their patriotism. This is a classic case where a body at odds with society chose assimilation over separation and alienation, with great success."

The Deseret Morning News reports Elder Richard G. Scott blasted child abuse and encouraged people to come forward and report such activities to police.

Over on the Fundamentals side of things, the FLDS church (not to be confused with the Mormon Church or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) was being raided over the weekend, reports KWTX 10 in Texas.

The Packet and Times in Ontario, Canda reports on religious events in history:
April 6
In 1528, Albrecht Durer, German painter, engraver, and designer of woodcuts, died. His most popular work is Praying Hands.
In 1830, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - the Mormon Church - was founded by Joseph Smith.
In 1926, Northern Ireland clergyman and politician Ian Paisley was born. For decades, Paisley, founder of the Free Presbyterian Church, opposed any move he regarded as spreading the control of the Irish Republic or Catholicism over Northern Ireland.
In 2003, Gerald Cardinal Emmett Carter, retired archbishop of Toronto, died at the age of 91.

New Mormon Apostle set apart D. Todd Christofferson April 2008

Elder D. Todd Christofferson had most recently been serving as a member of the Presidency of the Seventy with supervisory responsibility for the North America Northwest and North America West Areas. He previously had supervisory responsibility for the North America Southeast Area and has served as executive director of the Family and Church History Department and as president of the Mexico South Area of the Church.
Born in Pleasant Grove, Utah, he graduated from high school in New Jersey, earned his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University, where he was an Edwin S. Hinckley Scholar, and his law degree from Duke University. He practiced law in Washington, D.C. and has been a senior vice president and associate general counsel for major banking institutions.

He said that he felt great desire, anxiety and hope with respect to serving others in the spirit of Christ’s admonition to Peter to “feed my sheep” and “feed my lambs.”

At the April conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the following were also called.

Elder L. Whitney Clayton was named to replace Elder Christofferson as a member of the Presidency of the Seventy. Elder Clayton has been a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy since 31 March, 2001.

His professional career was in law where he was a business litigation attorney with a California law firm. He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance at the University of Utah and a law degree at the University of the Pacific.

He has served the Church in many positions including regional representative, mission president’s counselor, stake high councilor and bishop.

Elder Clayton was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1950. He married Kathy Ann Kipp on August 9, 1973 in the Salt Lake Temple. They are parents of seven children.

Fifteen new general authorities were also sustained to serve in the First and Second Quorums of the Seventy. Called to serve as members of the First Quorum of the Seventy are: Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis, Porto Alegre, Brazil; Elder Gérald Caussé, Paris, France; Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge, Sandy, Utah; Elder Eduardo Gavarret, Lima, Peru; Elder Carlos A. Godoy, Barueri, Brazil; Elder James J. Hamula, Mesa, Arizona; Elder Allan F. Packer, Sandy, Utah; Elder Kevin W. Pearson, Salt Lake City, Utah; Elder Rafael E. Pino, Miranda, Venezuela; Elder Gary E. Stevenson, Providence, Utah; Elder José A. Teixeira, Vila Real, Portugal; Elder F. Michael Watson, Bountiful, Utah; and Elder Jorge F. Zeballos, Concepcion, Chile.

Elder Tad R. Callister, Glendale, California and Elder Kent D. Watson, Cedar City, Utah were called as members of the Second Quorum of the Seventy.
Additionally, 38 Area Seventies have been called.

Elaine S. Dalton succeeds Susan W. Tanner as Young Women general president, with Mary N. Cook as first counselor and Ann M. Dibb as second counselor. Sister Dalton had previously served as first counselor and Sister Cook as second counselor in the Young Women general presidency. Sister Dibb had been serving on the Young Women General Board.


I woke up late last night to the commotion of a myriad of police in SWAT uniforms surrounding my house. I could see them because the moon was exceptionally bright and they were just below my window. Fear crept into my mind and I slowly arose. I stealthily walked to the front room, where I could see the dark vans on the street and four more SWAT team members crouched near the front of my house. I ran through all my past crimes and couldn't think of anything that would bring the SWAT team to my house. I wasn't sure what I should do since I knew they were coming. Should I unlock the door, or lay down on the floor?

Here is a picture of green grass like I have in front of my house.

There was a loud bang and the SWAT team started running. Turns out they weren't hunting for me, they were hunting the new next door neighbors. SWAT hauled them off to jail for drugs.

I write this story with the following caveats: 1. I was actually at a friend's house, 2. the picture I have used has nothing to do with where I live.

The AFP has done the same thing on a story of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS), a splinter group that formed some hundred years ago.

They are not related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) or the Mormons.

The AFP has a story that shows the LDS Mormon Salt Lake City Temple and then a second image that shows FLDS leader Warren Jeffs in court. The caption on the LDS Mormon Temple reads "A statue of Brigham Young, second president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". The second picture has the caption "Warren Jeffs is serving a life sentence for being an accomplice to rape". At least CNN got more of the story right, no wonder Agence France-Presse (AFP) isn't viewed as a credible source for information. The AFP does mention the story is going down in Fort Worth, TX, but they fail to mention the Salt Lake City Temple has nothing to do with their story. Here is the first and second picture from the AFP website.

The strange thing is that they AFP forgot to include the actual picture of the FLDS Temple in Fort Worth, TX. Shame on the AFP for this misleading reporting. Just like I associated the White House with the SWAT team tactical entry using the picture above, so the AFP has associated the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with Warren Jeffs the polygamist leader.

What the AFP meant to show was this picture of the FLDS temple in Texas. The AFP has a long way to go to become credible.


By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Oh, what joy we find in springtime!
Oh, the beauty of the days!
All the birds sing songs to heaven
in their sweet and happy ways.

All the flowers are so lovely
climbing slowly from the sod.
Every bloom and every blossom
whispers, “bow and reverence God.”

The Savior's song of redeeming love

The Savior's song of redeeming love
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Music lives in every heart,
It sings in every spirit,
Each soul deserves this godly art,
Each ear deserves to hear it.

I want each person on this earth,
And those who soon will be,
To feel the freedom like new birth,
Your song has given me.

I wish I were a froggy

I wish I were a froggy
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I wish I were a froggy
With great big greenish feet
Even though I would be soggy
My joy would be complete

For I would jump across the miles
And see you every day
And we could share some hugs and smiles
And words we long to say

Even though I can't quite jump that far
And though I'm stuck right here
I'm wishing on the morning star
That this message you can hear

Though I can't be there so fast
And though I'm miles away
My love for you will always last
Until you're back someday.

Tiny Coffins

Tiny Coffins
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I feel that caskets shouldn't have to be
Made small enough to hold a child
These coffins really trouble me
For ones so young, and meek and mild

Why must these children die so young?
And why must we loose these little ones?
What painful songs hurting hearts have sung
While grief like a river through their home runs

Yet, the answer spoken in my soul
Brings peacefulness to my weary mind
And out of a heart that with sorrow is full
I thank God for the plan he designed

There's no good reason that children die
Yet it happens often on this flawed earth
Causing heavy hearts to sadly sigh
Who've loved these children from before their birth

And the Children's laughter continues on
In a realm of peace and joy and rest
It only seems like they are gone
Yet, really, we're gone from the place that is best

Though it's hard when little ones leave in their youth
I thank God to know that these children are free
I'm so thankful to know this wonderful truth
And ask strength now to cope with my jealousy.