By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Can be sung to the tune “Invitation” by Samuel McBurney (LDS Hymn #116)

Hope is required for us to be saved,

We must believe the path has been paved,

By our dear Lord, who suffered the price,

For us to dwell in paradise.

Jesus wants us to look unto him,

Though we be weak, with eyes that are dim,

Bursting right through those clouds of gray,

A brightness of hope can shine today.

There is a way for us to change,

With divine help, it can be arranged,

We can find hope in any dark hour,

If we have hope, we'll feel God's power.


By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

This poem can be sung to the tune “Dulcimer” By Freeman Lewis – (LDS Hymn #6)

Our faith can become strong in our Savior above,

As we nourish the tree of life within.

Faith needs exercise to produce fruits of love,

We must conquer all our fear, doubt, and sin.

Our confidence in God is well placed as we see,

The records which have been made of old.

The scriptures ignite faith to burn so brightly,

May we prize the light of faith more than gold.

We may forget some things with the veil in its place,

Yet, spiritual knowledge is revealed.

Some day we'll again speak with God face to face,

Through our faithfulness these blessings are sealed.


By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet
This poem can be sung to the tune “Dennis” By Hans G. Nageli as arranged by Lowell Mason – (LDS Hymn #125)

A heart full of love for all men,

Through faithful prayer we receive.

Lets pray to be blessed with this pure love again,

As we trust in the Lord and believe.

To love them with only pure love,

We cannot be selfish or vain.

We must gain this state from our Father above,

So lets pray for this pure love again.

With charity we'll be blessed,

Then like our dear Savior we'll be,

Thus, hope faith and pure love will bring peace and rest,

To our souls for eternity.