Reintegrative Shaming

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Reintegrative Shaming has been a part of Mormonism almost from the beginning. I love when science eventually gets around to showing the gospel of Jesus Christ to be true!
“Reintegrative Shaming . . . works as follows. People central to the criminal’s immediate community – such as family members, employers and co-workers, and friends – are brought into court to state their condemnation of the offender’s behavior. At the same time, these people must accept responsibility for reintegrating the offender back into the community. The goal is to rebuild the social bonds of the individual to the community as a means of deterring future criminal conduct.
“. . . it is a familiar practice in other social institutions such as the family. Think of a child who misbehaves. The parent may express disapproval of the child’s behavior and try to make the child feel ashamed of her conduct, but the parent may also reassure the child that she is a loved member of the family.
“These social bonds could also be fostered to increase the power of shame and reintegrate offenders into local networks of community involvement.”
(Introduction to Sociology Sixth Edition by Anthony Giddens, et al. pp. 68)

I never stop being amazed at the wisdom of the Lord! I am also constantly impressed with the concise way that the Lord presents the truth (Such as in the law of tithing and the word of wisdom.) As we examine the words of the Lord to the prophet Joseph Smith, delivered in 1839, in the Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Section 121 Verses 41 through 43. We find the Lords instruction to his church government for rehabilitating the offenders of his laws, as follows: “No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned; By kindness, and pure knowledge, which shall greatly enlarge the soul without hypocrisy, and without guile – Reproving betimes (or immediately) with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing afterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved, lest he esteem thee as his enemy;” The disciplinary councils in the Church of Jesus Christ are very effective in this way and have been operating for many decades in this effective way. I do recognize the role of the government in situations where Reintegrative Shaming is not an option because of the lack of contrition, cooperation or willingness to change in the perpetrator of the crime. In these cases, the government is a necessary part of using the less effective and less ideal methods of incarceration and Stigmatizing shaming. Though necessary, these approaches often are the equivalent of sending the offender to “crime school” (Prison) and then trapping them in the cycle of the re-offender as he is unable to find employment because of his criminal record.
In the Church of Jesus Christ, Reintegrative Shaming is the Lord’s program and plan for reaching out in love to those who are accused of breaking the laws of God. Though this is the doctrine and the Ideal it is unfortunately not always realized in practice. Taken as a whole, however, there are many thousand of individuals who are confidentially (aside from their immediate family and closest church leaders) helped through the Lord’s process for becoming permanently free of guilt and shame.

Something to pray for...

Picture by Liba Dilla
Words by Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

A Sunday school teacher reported the following: "We were having a lesson on prayer and a picture was held up of a little boy crossing the road on his bike. Also in the picture was a speeding car about to hit the boy." The teacher asked, "What could this little boy pray for?" One of the boys in the class raised his hand and answered, "Anti-lock brakes?"

One Youth Sunday School teacher learned how important it is to phrase things as simply and clearly as possible when teaching children. She stood up in front of the children and said, "O.K. children, who can tell me what we have been learning about recently?" (The answer she was looking for was the Holy Ghost.) The room was silent. "We have been talking about it all this month." Again silence. "I will give you a hint," said the flustered teacher, "His voice is felt more than it is heard." The silence persisted for a moment longer and then one of the little children in the front ventured a guess. "Darth Vader?"

Shhhhh in spanish

Picture by Liba Dilla
Words by Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I gave myself a haircut and after I was finished, my Daughter came up to me and said, "Dad, I love you no matter how you look."

I needed one of my Daughters to be quiet so I said, "Shhhhhhhhhhhh!" A little while later my Daughter said very softly and with a smile, "Dad, say Shhhhhhhhh in spanish."

Think Fast

Picture by Liba Dilla
Words by Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

During scripture study the other night I said, "See my ring? It is made of gold, and gold is worth a lot of money. What were the Plates made out of that the angel Moroni gave to Joseph Smith?" "Gold!" said my Daughter. "That's right", I said, "And if they were made of Gold they would be worth a lot of money. Do you think people would want to get them? Yes, that is why the Angel Moroni told Joseph Smith to keep them safe."
My Daughter then said, "Jesus could tell him to put them up really, really high so no one could get them."
I said, "That is a good idea. You are very smart."
My Daughter then replied, "That is because I think so fast."

Santa’s Claws

Picture by Liba Dilla
Words by Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

How grateful I am for my wife. A few years ago at Christmas time she helped me understand some very confusing things! For instance, we were at Grandma and Grandpa's house and my Daughter pointed to a Mrs. Clause doll on the shelf and said, "That's Mrs. Scratch."

"Mrs. Scratch? Where did she get that from?" I asked my wife. "Well, it makes sense, if her husband's name is Santa Claws," replied my wife.

Standing in Line

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I'm going through this Life
Just the same as anyone
Avoiding pain and strife
And looking for some fun

A friend of mine, stood in a line
And I walked over there
The company was so divine
I stayed, without a care

The years flew by as we progressed
Not making any plans
We thought we'd find some peace and rest
But left with empty hands

For, when we'd reached the very end
We found, as others had
We'd been distracted by a friend
We didn’t see the line was bad

Please question the direction
The line is headed in
To make a good connection
That the prize we all may win

Do we want the things this line will give?
Or will we later grieve.
Let’s ask ourselves, while we yet live
“Is there more I can receive?”

The moral of this story
Is there for us to see
If we want to find God's glory
We must ask God where to be.


Picture by Liba Dilla
Words by Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I asked my Children the other day, "Children, what is the way to be happy?" "To be nice" they answered. "What happens when someone is mean to you, how do you feel?" My youngest daughter answered sweetly, "You might feel like you need to kick them."

Those in error lost

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Our God wants us to love all
Forgiving those who will offend
We can obey the Savior’s call
That wrath and strife may end

When hate and pride come in to stay
They hurt and cloud the mind
As hate and pride get in the way
Pure joy is hard to find

When people cling to hate
Their sorrow multiplies
They’re heading for a tragic fate
As their compassion dies

How much better is the Lord’s way
For, when he was upon the cross
He spoke the words we all should pray
(To forgive those in error lost)

Yes, as we follow Jesus
And pray as he would do
These prayers can’t help but please us
As we pray for ourselves too.

Can you recognize me?

Picture by Liba Dilla
Words by Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

My four year old son and I recently went on a Father-and-Son campout. My Son was worried that if some babies came to the campout with their fathers that they might chew on his flashlight. He said that if babies came that he would hold his backpack over his head to keep it safe. During the first evening around the campfire my Son had marshmallow and dirt all over his face. I said, "Son, come over here so I can wash your face." My Son asked with a smile, "So people can recognize me?" After he was cleaned up I said, "You're a handsome boy." He replied with enthusiasm, "You can say that again!"

The wrinkly covers

Picture by Liba Dilla
Words by Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

One day my Daughter said, "Mommy can you tuck me in?"
Mommy replied, "But, Sweetheart, I already did."
My Daughter said, "I know but my covers are all wrinkly again."

A Correct Comprehension of Ourselves

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

If there's a God in heaven
If there's a plan for me
I know that I must find them
If my purpose I would see

Unless I know why I am here
Upon this troubled earth
I'll never know the reason
My soul has wondrous worth

If there's a great creator,
Why did he send me here?
What's the purpose of my life?
To conquer doubt and fear?

What will happen after death?
Why did we come to be?
Will I just stop existing?
Or come back as a tree?

What's the greatest future,
That I can hope to reach?
Are they only fiction?
These words the prophets teach?

The answers to these questions
Are difficult to find
I look but cannot find them
Recorded in my mind

The mind alone can't find them
These answers that I need
I need something to verify
These words I'm asked to read

The theories of the scientist
Can't explain mortality
These theories can't be proved
With facts my eyes can see

I need a message straight from God
That speaks straight to my heart
Where no one else has access
With all their cunning art

The Holy Ghost alone can teach
The truths that God will share
And God will guide me straight to him
With tender loving care.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ

The Atonement of Jesus Christ
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The loving Atonement performed by our Lord
Can help us to find harmony
God loved us so much that he sent forth the word
To reach out and to save you and me

Jesus alone could rescue and save
And help us be made perfect too
He Helps us to get the mercy we crave
By showing us what we should do

The penalty warranted by all our sin
Required the infinite gift
The battle with Satan we each can win
Our burden the Lord helps us lift

From the beginning the Lord was ordained
To die for what justice demands
Salvation from sin can now be obtained
By following Jesus' commands

We each can dwell with our Father above
As we follow the Lord's righteous course
His sacrifice shows a supreme act of love
Let us drink from this spring at it's source

The Savior has suffered these things for our sake
To redeem all mankind from the fall
Upon us his name we gladly will take
He offers his love unto all

We can all go where there's nothing unclean
Through Jesus alone this takes place
We can be saved from things evil and mean
To again see his loving face

The Savior had power to lay down his life
And take it up after its end
He asks us to flee contention and strife
And come home with him as a friend

He suffered temptations but gave them no heed
And lived life in pure innocence
He knows how to help in our hour of need
For all he has made recompense

The blood of the Lamb for our sake was shed
He gave his life freely for me
He prayed to our God as he suffered and bled
For help to endure agony

Because of the love that our dear Savior had
For the will of our Father and God
Our hearts fill with joy and are truly glad
For he finished the course that he trod

We can find peace through the powerful name
That broke bands at Gethsemane
We can be lifted up out of our shame
By the hope found upon Calvary

We must accept the Atonement he gave
Or face pure, strict justice alone
We all need the grace that's might to save
We deserve no mercy on our own

Our Lord took away the sharp sting found in death
He was the first of those who slept
We shall live again after losing life's breath
Joy comes to his children who’ve wept

The Savior invites all the world unto him
We'll be judged for the works we have done
That day will restore each joint and each limb
Through the power of God's perfect son

Those who are righteous will have so much joy
And praise the Lord eternally
His sacrifice saves each girl and each boy
That died in their pure infancy

So let us have faith in our dear Savior's call
And overcome evil today
Let's deliver his sweet invitation to all
To be baptized and walk in his way

We all can become truly born again
Receiving the spirit to guide
And this must take place in the hearts of all men
To be filled with his pure love inside

If you will repent he will receive you
Come feast on his love to the end
Trust in the Lord in all that you do
And his grace he freely will send

Partake of his love so exquisite and sweet
Drink deep of the doctrines he'll send
Some day we will kneel at our dear Savior's feet
Where our pains and our sorrows he'll mend

He knows all the trials we each face right now
Come cast on the Lord all your care
We all can be healed and he'll show us how
He atoned so that we could come there.

The Exotic Clothing Rituals of the Snomrom

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Uniformity seems to play a large role in their cultural traditions. Harmonious interaction is the goal that leads to their code of traditional worship-day dress. The most interesting manifestation of these rituals is to be found in the powerful cultural and social trends which influence the male practitioners. Social norms require each male to purchase an elaborate and expensive costume made of natural fibers which are dyed to a very dark color. A bib-necklace is also worn over the top of this costume or uniform. Some of the most powerful men in the community are the cleansing doctors who are the only ones capable of cleaning these uniforms in the prescribed way. If a male wears a different costume to these religious ceremonies he is noticed and extended special warmth and kindness. However, if this male continues wearing non-traditional garb to the religious services, arrangements are made for a used costume of worship-day finery to be provided at no cost to the visitor.
If these gifts are not accepted, the visitor will be treated with suspicion by the frustrated local leadership of the snomrom. This leadership may consider requesting a meeting with the discordant individual about his choice of apparel. The instructions given to these adherents in their sacred books are that no one should be excluded from attending these ceremonies regardless of the composition of their clothing fibers. However, no man, young or old, is encouraged to participate directly in the work of these rituals unless clothed in the appropriate costume, complete with the colorful bib-necklace.
Who are the American Snomrom and where do they live? To answer this question, simply spell Snomrom backward. That is correct! The culture of which I speak, exists among those who are American Mormons like me. Wearing a suit and tie to church on Sundays, (Clothing that must be dry-cleaned), is a strange tradition from the perspective of many of those who live in different parts of the world. (In the above section, I borrowed heavily from the Ideas of Horace Miner as found in Introduction to Sociology Sixth Edition by Anthony Giddens, et al. pp. 68)

Beautiful Princess

Picture by Liba Dilla
Words by Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

My wife and I were visiting another couple in their home recently. One of my Daughters and her little friend came into the room dressed up in her friend's play clothes with crowns and dresses. My Daughter announced in a very royal voice, "Look, Dad we are dressed like princesses. Now we are beautiful." As they left the room, I heard my Daughter say enthusiastically to her friend, "Now lets go find some boys so we can get married."

Stressful Parenting Moment

Picture by Liba Dilla
Words by Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

One day my wife and I were talking and my oldest Daughter came and
joined us. My Daughter told us about the drug awareness program at her
school (She is in kindergarten) I said, "Daddy doesn't smoke or use
drugs." My wife added, "And Mommy doesn't smoke or use drugs." To
which my Daughter replied, "Well, I smoke sometimes." My wife and I
froze and just looked at our daughter (Who is only 5) not knowing what
to say. After a few seconds my Daughter added that she smoked on cold
mornings when she could see her breath. My wife and I were greatly
relieved to hear these additional details.

The hearts of the children

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I thank my parents for the words of love and truth
That became my building blocks in youth

From these foundations continue to rise
A structure of goodness to reach to the skies

These precious materials I try to share
With each of my children with great effort and care

We are building Eternity every day
With each act that we do and each word that we say

I'm so thankful for all those who have gone on before
Those who taught their children how to love and adore

Their kind words re-play daily in our home still
And down through the ages their love we can feel.

Commonly misunderstood lyrics…

Picture by Liba Dilla
Words by Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

"Give, said the little stream" must be one of the most universally misunderstood songs in the world.
Instead of saying "Give said the little STREAM", one of my siblings believed for many years that this song said, "Give said the little STRING." This led to a lot of confusion about the correlation between giving, a string, and why the grass would grow greener still wherever this magical string went.
One day my Daughter was singing "Give, said the little stream", and I finally heard the way she was singing it, (Instead of "I'm small, I know but wherever I go the grass grows greener still") she used to sing "I smiled, I know, but wherever I go the grass grows green and still."
Even funnier still, my Son also sings "I am a child of God", creatively. He was singing this song recently and belted out, "I am a child of God and so my knees are gray."

Peace on Earth?

Picture by Liba Dilla
Words by Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I took my children Christmas caroling in our neighborhood. At one door, as we sang about peace on earth, my two youngest children started boxing with each other. (I judged the bout in favor of my son. Thankfully the winner was not decided by knock out.) The person for whom we were singing thought it was quite funny and ironic as well. We just smiled even wider to cover our embarrassment and continued singing. Peace on earth can be hard to find. We must start with peace in our own heart and then do our very best to help others to have peace and love in their hearts as well.