Are Prophets Perfect? My Friends of Other Faiths Think So

Some of my friends of other faiths seem to think that prophets are perfect, or rather, that Mormon prophets should be perfect. They use an impossible standard to measure the prophets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints against. Mormons claim that only one individual has ever been perfect on the earth and that individual was Jesus Christ. In this all Christian based faiths tend to agree:

American Catholic site calls Jesus "the perfect human".

The Oakwood United Methodist Church write on their missionary page "There is no one perfect here except the Lord Jesus Christ..."

Over at All About Jesus they describe Jesus as "the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life..."

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary had this in its original charter, "Having taken upon Himself human nature, yet without sin, He perfectly fulfilled the Law"

Mormon Apostles have all testified to the perfection of Jesus including Spencer W. Kimball and as written in The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Perfect has the following among its definitions:
1. conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type
2. excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement
3. entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings
4. accurate, exact, or correct in every detail

Mormons have never claimed their prophets or leaders are perfect. I suspect; however, that most Christian denominations believe that God only communicates with perfect individuals; you know, like Abraham, Moses, Peter, Paul, and Jonah. Then again, I think an examination of these prophets will reveal their flaws, defects, and shortcomings.

A Mr. Neal Maxwell writes an interesting article titled "Out of Obscurity". In it he writes "Only Jesus was perfect in all things, including love and meekness. Even the greatest of mortal prophets fall short of Christ’s high and perfect standards." Mormons don't believe prophets are perfect.

Maxwell goes on "Throughout scriptural history, we see recurring efforts to demean prophets in order to dismiss them—to label them in order to diminish them. Mostly, however, they are simply ignored by their contemporaries and by secular history." Mr. Jeff Lindsey writes an interesting article titled "Rejecting Living Apostles and Prophets: A Deceptively Easy Path to Righteousness"

To conclude, Mormons have never claimed their prophets (whether from the Bible, Book of Mormon or living) are perfect. To quote Maxwell again, "At the perfect day, we will see that we have been a part of things too wonderful for us. Part of the marvel and the wonder of God’s "marvelous work and a wonder" will be how perfect Divinity mercifully used us - imperfect humanity." Man is free and imperfect man cannot frustrate the work of God.

It's Best to Know and Do

It's Best to Know and Do
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I drink all of it quickly down,
I cannot get enough.
It seems to me a golden crown,
The best of worldly stuff.

I learn all knowledge that I can,
I’ll take as much as I can get,
I am learning’s greatest fan,
And so right here I’ll sit.

Though many tasks now call to me,
I can’t tear myself away.
I have too many books to see,
I must learn the things they say.

Yet, is it right to learn and not apply?
To build up, and knowledge merely store?
While suffering persons pass us by,
As we leave closed our door?

Knowledge sometimes puffs us up,
Until compassion dies.
While love will fill the beggar’s cup,
Yes, Charity edifies.

It’s different with a Scripture feast,
They have a great message that’s true,
They help the selfish hand release,
To know, and also do.


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-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Loving God Far More than Life

Loving God Far More than Life
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

It is uncommon for people to think,
Of their upcoming death.
Our spirits are troubled and start to sink,
For, time will stop all breath.

I must think about all this,
For, I’m condemned to die.
It is my family that I’ll miss,
They’re the reason that I cry.

And I will die an innocent man,
For, I’m wrongfully accused.
And so I pray and wait and plan,
For God’s love to be infused.

While I have no bitterness today,
And my heart is free of hate.
There are some things I want to say,
Before it is too late.

When a person faces death with hope,
Faith grows and comfort comes.
Even if a noose is made with rope,
As the ticking clock still drums.

Faith and love both conquer fear.
A clear conscience, great peace brings.
Yes, even as my death draws near,
My heart, with joy still sings.

I wish that I were able to live,
And raise my children up.
There’s so much that I could give,
To overflow, with joy their cup.

I know the Lord is truly pleased,
When his children wish to stay.
I know our sorrows can be eased,
Though skies are cold and grey.

We all should LIVE upon this earth,
As long as life can last.
For, from the moment of our birth,
The time runs out so fast.

I will not die in a prison yard,
For a crime that I’ve confessed.
But this death, for me is just as hard
For, my cancer has progressed.

The death that soon will come to me,
Isn’t something I desire.
Yet, even so, I clearly see,
God’s love must cleanse like fire.

Though death is absolutely frightening,
I know that God will take me home.
The word of God is so enlightening,
As through this valley I roam.

Yes, while I wish that I could stay,
Spending time with my sweet wife,
I’ll trust the things the scriptures say,
And love God, far more than life.


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-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Become as a little child

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

My six-year-old son and I were recently headed to his very first basketball practise. He was very excited to get to the practise. I did not know the way to the Elementary school. The address was tricky because the street name and number were correct and I was also in the wrong city. The mainstreet I needed was about eight blocks west of where I was. These two neighboring cities had both grown until they met each other at their common border. As we wandered, looking for the school, I became lost in the curving roads of subdivisions. We left home early to go to the practise so that we would have time to find the unfamiliar Elementary School. We wandered until we had only seven minutes until the practise would begin. As I stopped at a stop sign my son said, "Dad, I think we should say a prayer." I was about to turn right but there was no one behind me and so I cancelled the signal and said that a prayer would be a good idea. I asked my son to offer the prayer. The prayer he offered was simple and sincere, he prayed, "Dear Heavenly Father please help us find the School and make it there without being late." After my son finished his prayer I felt an impression that I should ask someone for directions instead of trying to wander around to find the school. I decided therefore, to turn left instead of right. About five houses down there was a van parked in a driveway with a woman standing near it and talking with the driver. I pulled over to the side of the road, rolled down my window and asked if she knew where this Elementary School was located. Even though it was in another city she said that she did know where it was because she went there as a child. She then gave me excellent instructions of how to get from where we were to where we needed to be. We arrived on time. As we neared the school I said to my son, "We're going to be on time." my son clasped his hands together and said in triumph and exhileration, "I believed that God would answer my prayer."

Faith and Trust

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

A reliable eye witness
Is always needed,
To validate the fitness
of words that we have heeded.

A scientific approach
Seems to earn the peoples trust
While faith brings sure reproach
Which humbles to the dust.

Yet both testimonies come from eye witnesses
That we accept on faith
Their words are the litmoses
and become our "Thus saith..."

Unless we repeat all experiments
To verify the data
We must trust to be conviced
in a scientific matter.

The scienists have changed
The things they say are true
Pluto's now been rearranged
It's no more a planet than are you.

The words of God's true prophets
Have remained the same
They draw strength from ancient roots
To speak in Jesus' name

If I have a choice
Between trusting God or man
I will heed the prophets voice
And with Jesus take my stand.

Christ our King

By Angel White

I believe that anything can happen with Christ our Lord and King!

I know he stood on this earth, had birth!

Believe! Believe, I will believe.

Today I will do what Jesus would want us to do.

I love him. I’ll serve him.

Believe! Believe, I will believe!

The Individual in the Group

The Individual in the Group
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

If good individuals work with others,
They can share and help and lift.
As a sister or a brother,
Yes, from God they are a gift.

Good groups know more together,
Than individuals ever could,
This brings blessings forever,
As they magnify the good.

There always is a leader
In every group that forms.
They are the silent meter
That validates the norms.

If a good leader is rejected,
Then by another they’ll be led.
Individual minds are then affected,
By the motives in that head.

Some leaders sow corruption.
Like a disease, it then can spread,
Bringing angers’ black eruption,
That fills with hate the head.

So in this situation,
Involving groups of any kind.
We must find some inspiration,
And use the power of our mind.

To guard freedom, born of trust,
And preserve our liberty,
We must find the one who’ll lead us,
To the place we need to be.

We should be a willing servant,
When we’re called upon to lead.
Being watchful and observant,
Helping others in their need.

Individuals can decide,
To stay pure and free of sin.
When the atonement is applied,
God’s household we’ll be in.

Yes, even if you feel alone,
And the group despises you.
Walk the path the Lord has shown,
And form the group, of God and you.


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You have my permission to share it.
You can send this message to anyone that you want.

-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet