Faith and Trust

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

A reliable eye witness
Is always needed,
To validate the fitness
of words that we have heeded.

A scientific approach
Seems to earn the peoples trust
While faith brings sure reproach
Which humbles to the dust.

Yet both testimonies come from eye witnesses
That we accept on faith
Their words are the litmoses
and become our "Thus saith..."

Unless we repeat all experiments
To verify the data
We must trust to be conviced
in a scientific matter.

The scienists have changed
The things they say are true
Pluto's now been rearranged
It's no more a planet than are you.

The words of God's true prophets
Have remained the same
They draw strength from ancient roots
To speak in Jesus' name

If I have a choice
Between trusting God or man
I will heed the prophets voice
And with Jesus take my stand.

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