Something to pray for...

Picture by Liba Dilla
Words by Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

A Sunday school teacher reported the following: "We were having a lesson on prayer and a picture was held up of a little boy crossing the road on his bike. Also in the picture was a speeding car about to hit the boy." The teacher asked, "What could this little boy pray for?" One of the boys in the class raised his hand and answered, "Anti-lock brakes?"

One Youth Sunday School teacher learned how important it is to phrase things as simply and clearly as possible when teaching children. She stood up in front of the children and said, "O.K. children, who can tell me what we have been learning about recently?" (The answer she was looking for was the Holy Ghost.) The room was silent. "We have been talking about it all this month." Again silence. "I will give you a hint," said the flustered teacher, "His voice is felt more than it is heard." The silence persisted for a moment longer and then one of the little children in the front ventured a guess. "Darth Vader?"

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