Latest Mormon News and Events 4/25/2008

"Sheep Stealing" the reason Mitt Romney lost Presidential Bid? Interesting thought, but I really doubt it. See the Westin Town Crier, MA article: Weston Wayland Interfaith Action Group hosts speaker

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The article says: What are the concerns that Evangelicals and other Americans have with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known by the nickname of Mormons? Proctor proposed that even though Evangelicals have and will vote for Catholics, Protestants and candidates from other faith traditions, something about Mormon theology and doctrine doesn’t allow for similar support. Proctor quoted a report that this in part could be from a factor known as "sheep stealing." Evangelicals can be frustrated with losing followers who convert to Mormonism and with that lost membership comes economic repercussions. She also said it may be in part to "nearness of doctrine" that causes Evangelicals to feel threatened.

A commentor named Aaron said: Sharon (a previous commenter) has a right to her own opinion, but let us not beg the question. "For evangelicals believe that people who worship any God other than the God revealed in the Bible are in grave spiritual jeopardy."

Then I'd suggest you stop believing a different God then the rest of Christianity, because that is the God in who the Mormons worship! Whether Evangelicals "understand" differences of understanding equates to a different god is not only irrelevant, but ridiculous (and a very calculated rhetoric despite it being logically unsustainable). One can not simply change the being of an individual because you have a different understanding of him. That's like saying that the George Washington that founded this country and was the first president of the US who didn't have false teeth is a different George Washington than the one with wood teeth! It is juvenile, and ridiculous.

The following comes from The Anniston Star located in Anniston, Alabama.

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I am not denying that Mormons are good people and do many good things, but that isn't what makes someone Christian.
Elmyra N. Jackson, Anniston

Elmyra, I think we all understand your concern. But why do you deny the definition of "Christian" in every dictionary? Interestingly, someone responded to Elmyra in their newspaper.

Letter writer Elmyra Jackson stated that because Mormonism was so "deviant" from Christianity, persecution forced the Mormons to move from one place to another. The fact is that those most active in heaping persecution on the early Latter-day Saints were so-called "Christians," those professing to know Jesus and follow his teachings. I don't read anywhere in my New Testament any justification for the followers of Christ to vilify and torment any other group of people for their beliefs. Richard ByBee

Moving on to Raleigh, North Carolina and the Biblical Recorder. A Mr. Brandon Peay stated in response to Mike Lacona (NAMB, director, apologetics and interfaith evangelism), "While I appreciated your attempts to describe Mormonism, as an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a former missionary, I feel there were a multitude of misrepresentations in the piece." I have to agree with Mr. Peay, Lacona's misrepresentation is hardly accurate.

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A Baptism Exhibition in England is underway showing where around 600 individuals were converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reports the Ledbury Reporter. The article written by Mr. Gary Bills-Geddes describes William Carter, blacksmith that converted to Mormonism and was the first person to plough a half-acre in the Salt Lake Valley.

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The Christian Science Monitor has a piece written by Uwe Siemon-Netto titled Christians Should Keep Scripture Out of Politics. "That is not to say that Christians today shouldn't let their Christianity inform their political values and action. They should. But the Bible is not a political playbook. Christians, or adherents of any religion for that matter, should refrain from using holy text to fight politically over human concerns. Using Christian doctrine to push a political agenda is not just rude – it is a dangerous departure from the core message of Christianity: salvation by grace through faith."

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My goal is to accept truth wherever I find it and reject error and falsehood wherever I find that as well. I believe that if all of the People of the Earth had similar feelings and a similar goal that the world would be a better place. There is absolute truth and this truth can be verified by the Most High God through the influence of the Holy Ghost in the hearts of the children of God throughout the earth.