Santa’s Claws


Here is some inspiration and humor for you…

How grateful I am for my wife. A few years ago at Christmas time she helped me understand some very confusing things! For instance, we were at Grandma and Grandpa's house and my Daughter pointed to a Mrs. Clause doll on the shelf and said, "That's Mrs. Scratch." "Mrs. Scratch? Where did she get that from?" I asked my wife. "Well, it makes sense, if her husbands name is Santa Claws." Replied my wife.

I hope that you have a wonderful day!


-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

P.S. A man was recently placed under arrest and taken to prison. When he reached the prison and was in his cell with his cell-mate, one of the prisoners on the cell-block shouted "Seventy-Two" after this everyone started laughing hysterically. The new prisoner was puzzled and asked his cell-mate what it was all about. "We have this old joke book that has been passed around the prison so many times that we all have it memorized. We just shout out the number of the joke instead of telling it." Replied his cell mate. The new prisoner asked if he could read the book. After he got the joke book he spent the next month committing all of the jokes to memory. Finally he decided to try telling one of the jokes from the book. That afternoon after lunch when everything was quiet on the cell-block he shouted, "Forty-three." No one laughed. The new prisoner turned to his cell mate and asked, "Why wasn't joke Forty-three funny?" His cell-mate replied, "That is a funny one, but, it's all in the delivery, I guess some people can tell a joke well and some people just can't."

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