Latest Mormon News and Events 4/6/2008

Interesting article written by a man born in Iran and adopted into a Mormon family over on inTHEfray. He compares four things about Muslims and Mormons, and appears to have rejected them both by declaring, "To answer my own questions, I have looked elsewhere for a foundation of beliefs that do not resonate with such orthodox theocracies. I have found that my ultimate truth is blending of all religions' positive teachings and the forsaking of their fear tactics. In short, to teach love is my ultimate truth." I think however that the Mormon church has always declared the same thing, namely, that we seek for all positive teachings no matter what religion it comes from (Article of Faith 13). I wish him the best on his search to teach love, I believe that the genesis of love is a Father in Heaven.

Another interesting article from inTHEfray features an interview with Randall Balmer the author of God in the White House. In one instance he talks about abortion and the Religious Right "The Southern Baptist Convention, hardly a bastion of liberalism, passed a resolution at its gathering in St. Louis in 1971, calling for the legalization of abortion — a resolution reaffirmed in 1974 and again in 1976." Who knew? Balmer also mentions Joseph Smith, "The most intriguing element of the 2008 presidential primaries was the attempt by Mitt Romney to become the Republican nominee. He’s not the first Mormon to run for the White House, of course. Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, made a run in 1844, though it was cut short by his assassination at the Carthage jail... But 40 years later, it became clear — to everyone but Mitt Romney, it seems — that the former governor of Massachusetts would not be given a pass on his Mormon faith, unlike his father."

T.R. Fehrenbach writes an interesting article in the San Antonio Express-News titled Mormons Tested U.S. Assimilation. He says among other things, "The Latter Day Saints may still seem strange to some Americans, but they are widely admired for their virtues, their business acumen and their patriotism. This is a classic case where a body at odds with society chose assimilation over separation and alienation, with great success."

The Deseret Morning News reports Elder Richard G. Scott blasted child abuse and encouraged people to come forward and report such activities to police.

Over on the Fundamentals side of things, the FLDS church (not to be confused with the Mormon Church or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) was being raided over the weekend, reports KWTX 10 in Texas.

The Packet and Times in Ontario, Canda reports on religious events in history:
April 6
In 1528, Albrecht Durer, German painter, engraver, and designer of woodcuts, died. His most popular work is Praying Hands.
In 1830, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - the Mormon Church - was founded by Joseph Smith.
In 1926, Northern Ireland clergyman and politician Ian Paisley was born. For decades, Paisley, founder of the Free Presbyterian Church, opposed any move he regarded as spreading the control of the Irish Republic or Catholicism over Northern Ireland.
In 2003, Gerald Cardinal Emmett Carter, retired archbishop of Toronto, died at the age of 91.


appreciable said...
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appreciable said...

I find it interesting that if people try to “blend all religions” they soon encounter polar doctrines that cannot easily be reconciled. This is true if someone were to try to blend Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The central disagreement would be the prominence of Jesus of Nazareth in the plan of the Almighty.

The article from inTHEfray makes it sound like Mitt Romney has committed a crime be choosing to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I guess there is still some light to shed in the world to chase away the dark rumors of the past regarding Mormonism.

T.R. Fehrenbach is observing the trees of the Lords vineyard growing stronger as in Jacob chapter 5. How wonderful it is to know that this tree will continue to flourish and bear the sweet fruits of the Spirit!

Thank you for these wonderful updates Fleeting Thoughts!