"Run Joseph!" or how to avoid being "defiled" by the pen

Joseph of old was an amazing individual. Joseph's Coat of Many colors was the envy of all that knew him. Even though his other brothers hated him, threw him in a pit and finally sold him to Midianites that then sold him as a slave into Egypt, Joseph maintained a relatively positive outlook in life. Rising through the ranks and finally becoming a leader under Potipher (or Potifer depending on your spelling preference).
It was at this time that Joseph set an example that has had far reaching impact in my life. Potipher's wife thought Joseph was a handsome fellow. In fact, she kept making advances at him until one day "she caught him by his garment, saying, Lie with me: and he left his garment in her hand, and fled, and got him out." (Genesis 39:12)
We see that Joseph set the example of running when faced with temptation. This story of Joseph reached out to me when I was about 14. You see, my brothers and I were sitting in a room with some cute girls, talking about life and laughing about some funny events at school a couple of days earlier. As we chatted, I think we brothers began to realize that these girls were very cute. So we all tried to be the attention getter by telling the best story. My brothers were into weight lifting then and I was still a book worm.
If I remember correctly, I happened to be sitting by the cutest girl that had just found out she was a cheerleader. I think the other guys were a little jealous. The cheerleader took out a pen and said something to the effect, "Let me draw a picture on your neck." As I was answering, "OK." Out of nowhere, my older brother picked me up by the collar and threw me across the room, shouting, "Run Joseph!"
In the end, Joseph forgave his family - and I suppose I have as well. Anyway, the saying has stuck. So, if ever you face temptation greater than you think you can bear, just remember "Run Joseph!" to give yourself the will to flee.

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appreciable said...

Dear Fleeting_Thoughts,

That is a great story and I had a good laugh as I remembered this incident. It is so true that with temptation God also provides a way that we may escape so that we are never tempted above what we are able to resist. We can have faith that when we are facing a difficult temptation that as we look for it, the way to escape will surely manifest itself, for God has promised it.

With love,

-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet