"The First-Date Kiss!" by Doug Ladle (A Poem in Chiasmus)

"The First-Date Kiss!"
by Doug Ladle

As I drove her home I pondered
"A first-date kiss 'is sinful!'"
One shouldn't live recklessly!

So I walked her to the doorstep
Where the light was dim and low,
The air was crisp and frosty
As we crunched upon the snow.

She gave my hand a gentle squeeze
And lifted her eyes real slow,
The more I looked, the more I felt,
She was melting down my soul!

It's then I realized something great,
A truth to guide me on,
An insight burst upon me
That changed me from then on.

That when my soul is melting
And my gaze is hanging on,
When her eyes are lifting slowly,
And her hand is soft and warm,

When the snow is hard and crunchy,
And you're breathing frosty air,
When the light is dim and low,
Upon the doorstep there;

It's then I figured out a simple fact,
So plain for all to see...
A moonlight porch is NOT the place

This poem is dedicated to all those first-date kissers, you know who those huggy-bug, kissy facey ones are. For more on Chiasmus, or as some people write Chiamus, see this site about Chiasmus in religious texts.


appreciable said...
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appreciable said...

Dear Fleeting_Thoughts,

I love this poem! It is very funny! I love the thought from President Spencer W. Kimball about deciding to keep the Commandments before a moment of temptation arises. The quiet moments of Prayer and Personal Scripture study, fortify us as disciples when we ask ourselves, "How does God want me to LIVE the principles I am learning from the scriptures in my own life?"

With love,

-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet