Death is a Doorway

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Death is a doorway
That many will fear
When approaching that gateway
As their time draws near.
Yet, when we are living
The way that we should
As we are forgiving
And try to be good
We remember that death
Is a portal to peace
Which stops mortal breath
Helping heartache to cease.
In a spiritual paradise
We each may then live
It is worth any sacrifice
That we need to give.
If we can endure
Until we safely pass through
With a heart that is pure
Being faithful and true
We'll then cross the line
At the end of this race
And in God's grand design
Find a glorious place.

1 comment:

helovesme3sixteen said...

Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. I am a Christian, but have been struggling with fear recently. Particularly with fear of dying. Your poem speaks so clearly to what I know in my head to be true. Death IS a doorway. Death isn't death, but new life! I'm praying that I can know this more truly in my heart as well. Thanks again for sharing :)