Feeling God's Glorious Love Clearly

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Our sun is but a star
To which we're very near
Eight minutes isn't far
For the light to travel here.

There are other lights you view
That are shining in the night,
These stars are not as close to you
So you don't feel much of their light.

Our Father in Heaven is more glorious
Than any brilliant star.
As we repent he'll bless us
Though we may have strayed afar.

There is no warmth that comes from gold
We receive light as we pray.
If you feel his love for you is cold
It's likely you that's moved away.

The closer we move toward God
The more of his glory we'll see.
As we follow the path Jesus trod
We'll be happy eternally.

If this covered the whole matter
Of finding joy at home
Life would be a heaping platter
And this would be a tidy poem.

Yet the truth is there to view
Right around us all the time.
For some, no matter what they do
There's no reason and no rhyme.

When mental health is a concern
With brain chemistry out of whack.
People cannot quite discern
That there's nothing that they lack.

When depression is a part of life
Even when bathed in glorious light.
Some only see the pain and strife
As though it were as black as night.

Some people cannot be at peace
No matter what they've tried.
Yet some day that tragic pain will cease
And they'll feel his love inside.

The Savior understands our pain
If we think we lack God's love.
He showed that patience is not vain
For, we'll “feel clearly” up above.

Though right now we may not feel it.
Some day God will reveal it.

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