A Review of the Market Street Grill (in Salt Lake City, Utah)

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The Market Street Grill, one of the Gastronomy Restaurants, is an excellent dining experience. The wisteria vines growing on the trellis overhead in the outdoor dining area are beautiful. The white tile above the vent hood in the open kitchen sparkles in the sunlight flooding through the skylight. The suspension bridge crossing the river, flowing near the restaurant, is a great bonus in the overall experience. From the moment you arrive it becomes clear that you’re going to have a special dining experience. My wife and I recently visited this fabulous restaurant and enjoyed our experience very much. The first item we received was complimentary sour dough bread that has me salivating once again just to think of it. The bread was so good that we didn’t even mind not receiving butte, until after we had eaten almost all of it. We ordered onion rings as an appetizer and when they arrived we could not believe how large, sweet and delicious they were. The service was excellent and the waiter humored our provincial request for a bowl of mayonnaise that we could make some “fry sauce” for our onion rings, by adding ketchup. The rib-eye steak was delicious, and was cooked just right. It was very juicy and we enjoyed dipping each piece in the delicious juice on our plate, before savoring each bite. The four Cheese ravioli was spectacular, you could actually taste the four different cheeses in each bite and then the freshly grated Parmesan cheese, would leave a wonderful aftertaste. We ordered New York cheesecake for dessert. The Cheesecake was made fresh at the restaurant and because of this it was very yummy. The cheesecake at most restaurants has been frozen and so it does not taste as good.

The sound of the stream near the outdoor dining area was a nice touch. Because this was a restaurant that serves a lot of fish it did smell of fish on the inside, by dining outside my pregnant wife was able to escape this problem. The outdoor patio was wonderful for us as well. The outdoor patio didn’t smell of fish as it did on the inside, and it seemed less busy and hurried than inside. There was a nice gentle breeze blowing outside which was good, because my wife cannot stand the smell of fish. When we go again to the Market Street Grill my wife plans to order the rib-eye steak again because it was so good. One of the most exciting parts of the dining experience was watching the waiters carry large platters of food down the stone stairs in the outdoor dining area. My wife wondered aloud, if they had been tested, by having them carry the food up and down those stairs a few times prior to being hired. There was one casualty during the evening, when a bowl fell from one of the platters and shattered against the brick pavement of the outdoor dining area. For me, this accident only added to the excitement and made me feel as if the waiters were working really hard to get all of us our food quickly. There is a synergy of excitement that occurs at a busy restaurant. While dining at Disney land this can rise to an uncomfortable level, where people get to the point that they have a fist fight over who gets to sit at one of the tables next. The excitement level at the Market Street Grill was at the perfect level. Not stressful enough to cause indigestion, but thrilling enough to let you know you were eating somewhere special.

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