Humorous Singing

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I just wanted to share something with you that made me smile recently.

"Give, said the little stream" must be one of the most universally misunderstood songs in the world.

Instead of saying "Give said the little STREAM", one of my siblings believed for many years that this song said, "Give said the little STRING." This led to a lot of confusion about the correlation between giving, a string, and why the grass would grow greener still wherever this magical string went.

One day my Daughter was singing "Give, said the little stream", and I finally heard the way she was singing it, (Instead of "I'm small, I know but wherever I go the grass grows greener still") she used to sing "I smiled, I know, but wherever I go the grass grows green and still."

Even funnier still, my Son also sings "I am a child of God", creatively. He was singing this song recently and belted out, "I am a child of God and so my knees are gray."

I hope that you are having a wonderful day!


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-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

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