Funny Stories

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

My wife and I were talking together when I noticed that my oldest daughter was missing part of her left eyebrow. "How did that happen?" I asked my wife. "Someone came to visit today and their little boy cut part of her eyebrow off with a pair of scissors." "How in the world did he do that?" I asked. My daughter answered in a very serious tone, "Vewy Cawfuwy."

I think that it is funny that My wife’s Sister used to baby-sit my siblings and I. (One time she stayed at our house and took care of us for an entire week.) Everyone in my wife’s family loves to joke me whenever the subject arises that her sister used to change my diapers. (Her sister did say, however, that I was too old at the time.)

The other day we were all sitting around the dinning room table. I said to my wife, "You have such beautiful eyes." "Thank you very much." replied my wife. We smiled at each other and then when I looked at my oldest daughter she opened her eyes wider, smiled and cocked her head to one side. My wife and I immediately knew what she wanted and we both grinned as I said, "and you have beautiful eyes too."

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-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

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