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The family unit is essential in the plan of our Heavenly Father because every newborn child of God needs love and tender care. An imperfect family is a child's first introduction to this imperfect world. We can learn to cope with imperfection in this life and find happiness and peace along the way. Every family unit is different and has unique qualities and challenges. Life here on earth is not fair and there are many trials which families may face as they progress through life. When there is illness or injury, one partner in a marriage may need to be a caretaker for their beloved companion. Some families must bid a tearful goodbye to a young son or daughter as the child goes on ahead into the next life. Some children are not born into loving or kind families. These Children may suffer terrible grief and pain as they begin their mortal journey.

Our Heavenly Father knows the hazards of this mortal existence. God has organized us into families, to enable us to support one another. We can support each other during times of trial. Mortal life requires us to take turns lifting the burdens of others and also letting go of our own burdens so that others may help us with them. In all of the different seasons of life there are many opportunities for us to give and also to receive love and help from others. Our salvation depends upon our willingness to serve our brothers and sisters and accept the love, service and sacrifice of our Savior. We must be humble enough to accept help from God through other people, which he sends into our lives to meet our needs. We need each other because no family can solve all mortal challenges alone.

The greatest source of help throughout our lives is the help we receive from our Father in Heaven, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. We receive help through prayer and the words of the prophets. Guidance from our Heavenly Father helps us to be resilient as we face the challenges and temptations of life. Eternal truth, received from God, will give us a clear and accurate perspective of the trials we face as families. Our Heavenly Father is a perfect parent whom we all need as a part of our lives. God loves each of us, his children, unconditionally and eternally. Let us reach out spiritually to our Father in Heaven and receive comfort, peace and assurance through the Holy Ghost. Let us be mindful of the level of stress that families are experiencing and assist one another and seek help early so that these families can avoid a situation of spiritual crisis.

Experiencing family challenges now, does not mean that we will not have happiness and success in the future. These challenges can be an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience. The knowledge we gain, as we master our challenges with the help of God, will enable us in the future to secure a place in our righteous and eternal family in the Celestial Kingdom. Because there are situations in life over which we have little control, we must place our trust in our Father in Heaven. Our Father in Heaven wants us to succeed as families and with his help we can. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, baptism and the reception of the Holy Ghost each child of God can be born again.

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-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

P.S. "After this life, you will be restored to that which you have here allowed yourself to become." —Elder Richard G. Scott

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