A Blog World

A Blog World
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I saw a room, the other day,
Where bride and groom, just talk all day.
They never hear, the other speak,
Or wipe a tear, from the others cheek.
They’re only speaking, all the time,
With faces weeping, like a mime.
With her computer, and his laptop,
There could be an intruder, but they wouldn’t stop.
They go on blogging, without living life.
On this treadmill jogging, are husband and wife.
What are they hoping, as they both write?
Or are they just coping, with long lonely night?
In reality, they're reaching out for their mate.
With their blog-words beseeching, for love and not hate.
Yet, sending this plea, into deep cyberspace,
Can’t help them to see, love in each others face.
And the people they blog to, yes, it’s such a sad scene,
For, would-be readers are glued to the bright T.V. screen.


Anonymous said...

As always thank you dear, I truly think you are a gift from above and should put your family's writings in a book for all to enjoy ! God bless and thank you again ! Virginia

Anonymous said...

Interesting poem. People that like to blog might be offended. I don't blog, so take that for what its worth.You make a really good point though about how we are losing our humanity because of the internet. Who do you interface with off-Line? (Rhetorical)