A House of Hearts

By Liba Dilla

I am a house of hearts.
I don’t even know I am caring for his,
That is, until it departs.

Now I’m feeling numb.
Now all I can do is think of the cost.
I’m lost! What have I done?

He stayed with no invite.
He made me laugh, gaining some room,
Then boom! He was my light.

There was always someone else
There standing and fighting for me.
Yet he rang my bells.

One day they all just left
One heart (that was mine), looking around:
Nothing found. Do I report the theft?

I am no more a house of hearts
I take breaks from the house while I deep clean
I’ve seen it’s time to restart.

Rules are stricter inside
Rules say: Now only room in the house for one.
I’m done. No more free rides.

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Anonymous said...

Great poem! I really like the rhyming scheme!