Life as a law-abider, a perspective from outside the cell.

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

It is hard to know what to set down in a personal history. One can see the rows of personal histories that go unread because they are not funny or exciting enough. Perhaps the most important consideration in writing a personal history is to write the history specifically for those who are likely to read it. Relatives are a fairly good bet for an audience. People are interested in where they came from. If you are one of my decedents, congratulations, you came from me. If you are one of my relatives I love you automatically. If you are reading this history and you are not related to me, well, how exactly did you get a copy of my history? Perhaps I’m either a good writer or else I’ve become far more famous than I am at present.
In order to understand me it is important to know some of my formative experiences. Because I am getting older and I cannot type on the computer without my wrists getting sore, I will copy and paste some things that I’ve already written in order to share some of my formative experiences. I would have mentioned some more important and influential things if I didn't have sore hands. Wow! I just barely started typing this history and I’m already worn out! I bet this is why you’re always instructed to type your papers double spaced when you’re in school. The teachers want you to feel that you are making good progress. Here are some important things that I’ve learned…

It is very wise to honor your parents.
Honoring our parents is very important. I learned just how important in a sacrament meeting many years ago.
Our family was sitting in sacrament meeting, all ten of us filling up the second row as usual. I was sitting at one end of the bench and my dad was at the other. Being unsupervised as I was, I pulled a few elastics out of my sock, tied them together and began flipping my little sister. My father looked down the row and saw me doing it so he opened up his bible to a certain passage and sent it down the row with the instructions to give it to me. My brothers and sisters, being as they are, took the liberty of reading it as it came to them. When it finally got to me I read it. The scripture was 1 Corinthians 13:11 "When I was a child I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: But when I became a man I put away childish things."
Now, when I read this I stopped... For a while, then I forgot and started again. My father saw that I was doing it again and sent this scripture down the row, my brothers and sisters also read this, Proverbs 15:5 "A fool dispiseth his fathers instruction: but he that regardeth reproof is prudent."
Now, I am no match for my father's wisdom in things dealing with scriptures, but this time I thought that I had him. I sent up Matthew Chapter 5 verse 22. The last sentence states, "whosoever shall say thou fool shall be in danger of hell fire." But, my dad proving again his superior knowledge sent back down Exodus 21:17 "And he that curseth his father or his mother, shall be surely put to death." After I read that the problem was solved.

Unity is important.
When I was a child my family went on a camping trip and we had what we called the "bravery tent." This was a small tent set up about 100 feet away from the rest of the tents. Those who slept in the bravery tent would get a prize in the morning as a reward for their bravery. I decided to sleep in the bravery tent. My sleeping bag was a very old army sleeping bag that had a hole in the lining. During the night as I slept in the bravery tent I somehow worked my way down into that hole in the lining. I woke up inside the lining of the sleeping bag. Because the lining was made with white cotton and the interior lining of the sleeping bag was red I could not remember where I was. I screamed and fought in a panic and ripped my way out of the sleeping bag lining.
Many years later, when I was a scout we went on a 50-mile hike. On the third day we camped in a very rocky area. There was limited space to set up a tent. The scoutmaster set up his very large tent on the only level smooth area for what seemed like miles. I had a one-man tent that I was determined to sleep in. The Scout Master pointed out that the large tent could have held us all. However, I was determined to sleep in my one-man. In order to accomplish my desires I had to walk up the hill about 100 yards to find a level spot. After an hour of hard work digging large rocks out of the ground I had made it comfortable enough to sleep on.
During the night as I slept in my one-man tent I somehow ended up down in the bag with the opening underneath me. I woke up trapped in my sleeping bag and had a flashback to the bravery tent incident. I began screaming for help. The Scout Master upon awakening assumed that I was being attacked by a mountain lion. My worried Scout Master grabbed the axe and charged lickety-split up that rocky hill barefoot and in his underwear. A few moments before he arrived I struggled free, took a deep breath and realized what had happened. I heard the Scout Master huffing and puffing up the hill. When he reached me I said weakly, "Never mind." He cursed bitterly as he hobbled back down the hill to his tent.
From these experiences I have learned just how important unity is (or at least how important it is to stay with the group). It took a long time for my old Scout Master to be able to laugh about this story. This good man very likely had sore feet during the remaining 25-miles of the trip. Such is the power of an innocent flashback.

It is important to be in the right place at the right time.
The Elders Quorum President and I were visiting some lost souls when they were found by the long arm of the law. As we were preparing to say the closing prayer at the conclusion of our visit we heard someone pounding on the door and yelling, "it's the police! Open the door!" I thought, "Oh, that old joke." Then there was more pounding, "it's the police! We have a search warrant!" Before this lady's boyfriend made it to the door to open it the police opened the door for him. Into the house stormed ten police officers dressed from head to toe in black body armor. Each gentleman had a submachine gun. When I saw the door burst open, read the word POLICE across the first officers Kevlar vest and saw the large gun that he had I thought, "this is going to make a great story."
The Officer only got to "Get on the..." and I was face down on the carpet with my hands above my head in full view. "Get down on the ground!" the friendly officer again shouted at the President. The only trouble the President had was that the room was very small and had a coffee table in the center of it. All of the available floor space was already taken by the woman, her boyfriend and I. There was no room left in the Inn, if you know what I mean. The Elders Quorum President therefore made the mistake of Standing up from where he was sitting on the couch and trying to explain who we were. The kind officers did not seem to like this action and one very large officer stepped toward the President who then found himself looking directly into the muzzle of the gun with a bright light shining in his eyes. As the officer placed his finger over the trigger and shouted, "I said get on the ground!!" The president decided to do so. As there was nowhere else to go, he laid on top of me, his first councilor. I never thought I would need to "support the President" like that I assure you. I really felt the weight of my calling.
We were instructed not to move or speak which was difficult to say the least as I had eaten a little too much for supper and the President is not exactly a small man. After a time the President whispered, "Are you O.K. down there?" I didn't dare answer. But a few seconds later the humor of the whole situation hit me full force and I started
laughing, silently mind you, which made my body shake and the President being on top of me was well aware that I was laughing and thought, "What in the world could he possibly be laughing at?" After they got done handcuffing the two closest to us they were ready for us. "Stand up and keep your hands above your head!" We arose and the officers searched us for weapons. The heroic officers did a much more extensive search of the Presidents person due to his earlier, "Non-compliance"
"Who are you?!" asked the large officer who had gently persuaded the President to get down on the floor. "We are the Elders Quorum Presidency from the Clearfield First Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Replied the President in one breath. The officers looked at each other and their weapons lowered a little bit. "Do you have any church I.D.?" One officer asked. They gave us back our wallets and we showed them our Temple Recommends and Drivers licenses. Big smiles came onto their faces and they soon escorted us out to our car, wished us a good night and allowed us to drive away with a great story to tell.
I knew that my Temple Recommend could help me get into the Lord's house but I never dreamed it could help me avoid going to the "Big house." This time the lost sheep that we were hoping to bring back to the fold sadly ended up going to a different pen.

Well, I have run out of stories that were pre-typed. I would switch over to sharing some of my poetry now except that while I’ve been alive not many people have shown interest in reading the poetry that I’ve written and I am fairly certain that the poetry that I’ve written will become even less popular after I’ve died. So, let me give you some advice instead…

Money is not important. Love is important. You never hear anyone say that their goal is to become the wealthiest corpse in the graveyard.
Politics are not really the most important thing either. No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.
Religion is the most important thing. Pure religion; The kind of religion that helps people to genuinely love others. The kind of religion that visits the unpopular and unattractive, the lonely and delinquent; The kind of religion that acts with the simple motive of helping people to be happier than they currently are.
So my advice is to get religion. Any religion is a good place to start. All religion will eventually lead a person to the complete and all-encompassing religion which God always intended for all of this children to have. Dear reader, I won’t spoil the secret just yet as to which religion that is (just incase you have a different persuasion.)

I don’t have any more advice to offer and so I guess I will have to fall back on my poems after all.

Please feel free to copy and paste these poems. You have my permission to share them. You can send these poems to anyone that you want. I didn’t take the time to officially copywrite any of these poems and I would not have had the money to pursue legal avenues to enforce infringement anyway. And plus, you will likely only be reading this history after I am dead if at all. If you copy and paste some of the following poems and email them to your loved ones it will produce free advertisement for me (The dead guy.)

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

There is a law to follow,
With a punishment affixed.
There’s poison you can swallow,
Though with truth it may be mixed.

If we break the rules in life,
While knowing what is right,
We find sorrow, guilt, and strife,
And weep through lonely night.

Yet, suffering comes to everyone,
Resulting from the fall.
We conquer this through God’s own son,
Who has endured it all.

The devil wants to cloud our mind,
So we'll think God’s love is lacking.
He distracts us from the perfect plan.
As his demons are attacking.

Remember the message that has been sent,
While sin does bring grief and sorrow,
All suffering is not punishment,
And, in God’s time, gets fixed tomorrow.

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

This life is like a courtroom,
And we have a role to play.
Like the pattern in a weavers loom,
We’ll leave our mark today.

Some pass sentence very early,
And from their stance don’t budge.
Yet, we’re to be a witness purely,
Letting Jesus be the judge.

You see, we'll all be weighed,
In the balance that is just,
Using good works we have made,
While clothed with mortal dust.

We’ll be judged by the way that we love,
How we’re loved doesn't mater so much.
As we follow the Savior above,
He can heal us with his gentle touch.

That We May Be One
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

When we write the tune, that forms our short life,
We observe all too soon, that there will be strife.

In a choir and band, there must be music players.
Yet, though the piece is grand, it may be played by music slayers.

For, even if we plan the most beautiful thing,
We’ll loose our best fan, if it’s flat when they sing.

I now clearly see, it is God that I should trust.
If our duet becomes off-key, then MY tuning I'll adjust.

Yes, that's the key to life, to trust in God above,
And overcome all strife, with harmony and love.

To my Sweetheart, Dressed in White
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

There you are, in flawless white.
As a brilliant star, through gloomy night.

I love your soul, and I'm glad to be
Bound by our goal to partake from God’s tree.

We're sealed forever, and though we die,
We'll soon be together, You and I.

I do not recall, time preceding this life.
Yet, someday I’ll know all about you my wife.

Someday this veil, which hides the past
Itself will fail, and part at last.

I then I shall know, the one by my side
As we both go, up to God and abide.

So, before the casket closes, I’ll kiss you one more time.
And know that like our roses, next spring you’ll be sublime.

Yes, then I’ll know you fully, as in blazing light we dwell.
In the presence of the holy, and the great Immanuel.

(In regard to this poem, I echo the words of J. Paul Hunter et al. who said, “The event described here is fictional. My wife did not actually die. I imagined this event in order to analyze and articulate how such an event might feel in certain circumstances. A work of literature can be true without being actual.”)

The Soothing Summer Breeze
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Sometimes the wind can move you, and make your heart beat fast.
But, a whirling violent vortex is a thing that cannot last.
For, in that wind is always strife, bringing chaos into life.
I prefer a gentle breeze that’s always constant.

I’ve seen the flames, with a devil’s tongue, leaping to the sky.
Burning up the innocence, to make the forest die.
Passion must be held in check, for sin can make your life a wreck.
I prefer a gentle breeze that’s always constant.

I’ve seen a twister on the lake, spouting water high.
It lifted up a fishy, though It's not safe for trout to fly.
Excitement can bring danger. It’s unwise to kiss a stranger.
I prefer a gentle breeze that’s always constant.

I’ve seen a snow-white devil, in it’s frozen hate.
Throwing snow up all around, angry to face it’s fate.
It seems to know the ageless truth, that it won’t make it out of youth.
I prefer a gentle breeze that’s always constant.

I’ve seen a dusty funnel cloud, out in the desert waste.
It seems to run toward its end with sad and reckless haste.
A desert is so bare and dry, that love born there will surely die.
I prefer a gentle breeze that’s always constant.

Our love and friendship both have grown, stronger through the years.
We’ve cried together many times, with sad or joyful tears.
Your love for me is always there, an answer to my fervent prayer.
You are the gentle breeze that’s always constant.

The Most Important Knowledge
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

There’s so much knowledge in the world
On which to feast and dine
So many ways that truth is hurled
Toward my open mind

Yet, the most important truth
That we can understand
Comes by learning in our youth
To obey the Lord’s command

The feasting that is best, to me
The most important dish
Is the word the Lord gives us for free
Feeding thousands with two fish

For the teachings of Lord Jesus
Though simple and so small
Are packed with truth and goodness
That can feed and strengthen all.

We all need a friend
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Sometimes we all feel lonely
Those are common tears to cry
We feel that we care only
That we sit and sadly sigh

The spirit's a gift the Savior sent
When he ascended to dwell above
This gift he left when life was spent
Can make a place in hearts for love

The gift of the Holy Ghost
Can fill our heart with peace
This Comforter can help the most
To make our heartache cease

God's love can dry our tears
No matter why we've cried
The Spirit calms our fears
Warming hearts up, from inside

Sometimes, we feel that we're alone
When friends are hard to find
Some leave our God, who they have known
And depart from peace of mind

The tragedy of this dark path
Is very hard to bear
They lose the peace the Spirit hath
For he can't follow there

Our constant friend in life
The one who dwells inside
Must abandon them to strife
As their commitment died

Oh, let us keep this one true friend
And walk with God each day
For, we'll go home at this life's end
If we endure and pray

If we want to conquer sadness
Finding peace in every hour
Let's receive this gift with gladness
And be filled with love and power.

The hearts of the children
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I thank my parents for the words of love and truth
That became my building blocks in youth

From these foundations continue to rise
A structure of goodness to reach to the skies

These precious materials I try to share
With each of my children with great effort and care

We are building Eternity every day
With each act that we do and each word that we say

I'm so thankful for all those who have gone on before
Those who taught their children how to love and adore

Their kind words re-play daily in our home still
And down through the ages their love we can feel.

Those in error lost
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Our God wants us to love all
Forgiving those who will offend
We can obey the Savior’s call
That wrath and strife may end

When hate and pride come in to stay
They hurt and cloud the mind
As hate and pride get in the way
Pure joy is hard to find

When people cling to hate
Their sorrow multiplies
They’re heading for a tragic fate
As their compassion dies

How much better is the Lord’s way
For, when he was upon the cross
He spoke the words we all should pray
(To forgive those in error lost)

Yes, as we follow Jesus
And pray as he would do
These prayers can’t help but please us
As we pray for ourselves too.

A Correct Comprehension of Ourselves
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

If there's a God in heaven
If there's a plan for me
I know that I must find them
If my purpose I would see

Unless I know why I am here
Upon this troubled earth
I'll never know the reason
My soul has wondrous worth

If there's a great creator,
Why did he send me here?
What's the purpose of my life?
To conquer doubt and fear?

What will happen after death?
Why did we come to be?
Will I just stop existing?
Or come back as a tree?

What's the greatest future,
That I can hope to reach?
Are they only fiction?
These words the prophets teach?

The answers to these questions
Are difficult to find
I look but cannot find them
Recorded in my mind

The mind alone can't find them
These answers that I need
I need something to verify
These words I'm asked to read

The theories of the scientist
Can't explain mortality
These theories can't be proved
With facts my eyes can see

I need a message straight from God
That speaks straight to my heart
Where no one else has access
With all their cunning art

The Holy Ghost alone can teach
The truths that God will share
And God will guide me straight to him
With tender loving care.

Standing in Line
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I'm going through this Life
Just the same as anyone
Avoiding pain and strife
And looking for some fun

A friend of mine, stood in a line
And I walked over there
The company was so divine
I stayed, without a care

The years flew by as we progressed
Not making any plans
We thought we'd find some peace and rest
But left with empty hands

For, when we'd reached the very end
We found, as others had
We'd been distracted by a friend
We didn’t see the line was bad

Please question the direction
The line is headed in
To make a good connection
That the prize we all may win

Do we want the things this line will give?
Or will we later grieve.
Let’s ask ourselves, while we yet live
“Is there more I can receive?”

The moral of this story
Is there for us to see
If we want to find God's glory
We must ask God where to be.

(In regard to this poem, I echo the words of J. Paul Hunter et al. who said, “The event described here is fictional. My wife did not actually die. I imagined this event in order to analyze and articulate how such an event might feel in certain circumstances. A work of literature can be true without being actual.”)

Christmas Reverence
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The winter sun goes early to bed
As Christmas lights shine warm and bright
All passing eyes with the lights are led
To the manger scene a wondrous sight

My daughter was out in the evening air
In the quiet coolness of the winter snow
She went and got herself a chair
And sat before the mangers glow

She sat a long time with reverence resounding
and quietly looked at the little Christ Child
Love and joy in my heart was full and abounding
To see her sitting out there so meek and so mild

I saw her through the window and when she had returned
I asked what she was thinking to see what she had learned

My six-year-old daughter's response was thus...
"I was thinking about how he died for us."

Yes, when we see a manger scene let's try to do the same
To think about Lord Jesus and praise his holy name.

Eternal Joy
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Standing in the twilight with you
Seeing the temple as though it were new

With glowing lights adorning its face
I thank God for such a wonderful place

The beauty of heaven has come to the earth
Helping us see our own special worth

I feel so much peace from our father above
And to you I offer my heart full of love

My sweetheart forever I hope and I pray
That I'll always remember the joy of this day

I will always obey the spirit's soft voice
I will stand with you always for this is my choice

I'm so grateful we entered the Lord's Temple doors
For throughout all the ages my darling, I'm yours.

Tiny Coffins
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I feel that caskets shouldn't have to be
Made small enough to hold a child
These coffins really trouble me
For ones so young, and meek and mild

Why must these children die so young?
And why must we loose these little ones?
What painful songs hurting hearts have sung
While grief like a river through their home runs

Yet, the answer spoken in my soul
Brings peacefulness to my weary mind
And out of a heart that with sorrow is full
I thank God for the plan he designed

There's no good reason that children die
Yet it happens often on this flawed earth
Causing heavy hearts to sadly sigh
Who've loved these children from before their birth

And the Children's laughter continues on
In a realm of peace and joy and rest
It only seems like they are gone
Yet, really, we're gone from the place that is best

Though it's hard when little ones leave in their youth
I thank God to know that these children are free
I'm so thankful to know this wonderful truth
And ask strength now to cope with my jealousy.

The Savior's Song of Redeeming Love
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Music lives in every heart,
It sings in every spirit,
Each soul deserves this godly art,
Each ear deserves to hear it.

I want each person on this earth,
And those who soon will be,
To feel the freedom like new birth,
Your song has given me.

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Oh, what joy we find in springtime!
Oh, the beauty of the days!
All the birds sing songs to heaven
in their sweet and happy ways.

All the flowers are so lovely
climbing slowly from the sod.
Every bloom and every blossom
whispers, “bow and reverence God.”

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Out of chaos I create
Words so very neat and clean
Speaking words of love or hate
To produce my inner scene

My words come from deep within
Where good and evil fight
Wherein begins goodness or sin
Where darkness battles light

And always I try to produce
A good and holy thought
And ever fight hard to reduce
The evil this world has taught

I hope that I win this battle with sin
That I may ever be
Welcomed to the light and saved from the night
To dwell, Oh Lord, with thee.

Will you weep for me as I lie sleeping?
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Will you come to my coffin side
and weep as I lie sleeping?
Will you be sad when I have died
and returned to heavens keeping?

It’s O.K. to let tears move
freely from your eyes
It’s alright for those tears prove
where true love for me lies.

So weep for me with heartfelt zeal
as long as the sorrow flows
for that is the way you feel
and that is the way it shows.

Someday you will be ready
to dry your tearful eyes,
Your voice will then be steady
As the greif inside you dies.

You need not fear for future grief
You will not weep alone,
When you have helped to bring relief
You'll reap what you have sown.

Then take all of you're love for me,
and share it now with others,
This will help the world to see
We're sisters and we're brothers.

Heavenly Father Lives and Loves Us
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Heavenly Father lives and
loves us one and all
He sent Christ our Savior
to save us from the fall

Joseph Smith the prophet
Called to teach God's plan
Holy Scripture was restored
Through this righteous man

Through the Restoration
That gift of wondrous worth
The Lord sent his Church again
Here upon the Earth

Now we know the fullness
Of God's plan of grace
If we pass the test here
We will see his face

We must all live worthy
Of the spirits voice
He will help and guide us
When we make a choice

All our wondrous blessings
Come from God Above
He asks that we give him
Pure unending love

We can build the Kingdom
Each and every day
Enter to my kingdom
We can hear him say.

His image
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Many see your dark skin
And think they know you well
Other faiths say that we sin
And are headed straight for hell

When we look in the mirror
And memorize our face
We think that we grow nearer
To learning our true place.

Yet, the longer I live upon this earth,
And the more I meet new friends
I've learned a lesson of great worth
As my suspicion ends.

I've learned as I look in your eyes
And walk on foreign sod
I see, in you, to my surprise
The image of our God.

The Journey of Faith
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Begin to exercise your faith
And you will surely find
The strength to come to Christ and stay
To love with heart and mind.

Our journey to the arms of Jesus
Starts with a single stride
And the best thing about this journey?
It is one that we make inside.

The journey that takes the longest
Is the journey we never start.
We’ll never be free from the chains of sin
Unless we do our part.

Yes, Let’s ask our Heavenly Father
To change us deep inside.
For if we trust in God completely
Then with him we will abide.

The Best Kind of Getting
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

There is a value spectrum, in the types of getting.
And the differences are awesome. Just like, knowing beats forgetting.
Getting Money can be good, Yet, it’s not the greatest thing.
And getting academic credit could, Help our heart to sing.
Getting knowledge is the way, To enrich your brain.
Yet, getting wisdom many say, Achieves the highest plane.
For, money can be lost or taken, Knowledge hurts when not applied.
Yes, guilt can leave your poor heart achin’, With sorrow from inside.
Wisdom is the best of all, the things to get and hold.
So, let’s walk her path and never fall, with a heart as good as gold.

The Instrument
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

In the hands of a master craftsman
Each tool works efficiently
The mind of the expert holds the plan
And sees what no other can see

He patiently works to finish the task
He's done this job often and well
He does the job better than any could ask
And when he's done the work, you can tell

The tool alone, never can find success
Or accomplish the things contained in the plan
Please help me dear Father to serve and to bless
Like a powerful tool in your almighty hand.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The loving Atonement performed by our Lord
Can help us to find harmony
God loved us so much that he sent forth the word
To reach out and to save you and me

Jesus alone could rescue and save
And help us be made perfect too
He Helps us to get the mercy we crave
By showing us what we should do

The penalty warranted by all our sin
Required the infinite gift
The battle with Satan we each can win
Our burden the Lord helps us lift

From the beginning the Lord was ordained
To die for what justice demands
Salvation from sin can now be obtained
By following Jesus' commands

We each can dwell with our Father above
As we follow the Lord's righteous course
His sacrifice shows a supreme act of love
Let us drink from this spring at it's source

The Savior has suffered these things for our sake
To redeem all mankind from the fall
Upon us his name we gladly will take
He offers his love unto all

We can all go where there's nothing unclean
Through Jesus alone this takes place
We can be saved from things evil and mean
To again see his loving face

The Savior had power to lay down his life
And take it up after its end
He asks us to flee contention and strife
And come home with him as a friend

He suffered temptations but gave them no heed
And lived life in pure innocence
He knows how to help in our hour of need
For all he has made recompense

The blood of the Lamb for our sake was shed
He gave his life freely for me
He prayed to our God as he suffered and bled
For help to endure agony

Because of the love that our dear Savior had
For the will of our Father and God
Our hearts fill with joy and are truly glad
For he finished the course that he trod

We can find peace through the powerful name
That broke bands at Gethsemane
We can be lifted up out of our shame
By the hope found upon Calvary
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

We must accept the Atonement he gave
Or face pure, strict justice alone
We all need the grace that's might to save
We deserve no mercy on our own

Our Lord took away the sharp sting found in death
He was the first of those who slept
We shall live again after losing life's breath
Joy comes to his children who’ve wept

The Savior invites all the world unto him
We'll be judged for the works we have done
That day will restore each joint and each limb
Through the power of God's perfect son

Those who are righteous will have so much joy
And praise the Lord eternally
His sacrifice saves each girl and each boy
That died in their pure infancy

So let us have faith in our dear Savior's call
And overcome evil today
Let's deliver his sweet invitation to all
To be baptized and walk in his way

We all can become truly born again
Receiving the spirit to guide
And this must take place in the hearts of all men
To be filled with his pure love inside

If you will repent he will receive you
Come feast on his love to the end
Trust in the Lord in all that you do
And his grace he freely will send

Partake of his love so exquisite and sweet
Drink deep of the doctrines he'll send
Some day we will kneel at our dear Savior's feet
Where our pains and our sorrows he'll mend

He knows all the trials we each face right now
Come cast on the Lord all your care
We all can be healed and he'll show us how
He atoned so that we could come there.

The Gift and Power of the Holy Ghost
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The third member of the Godhead,
is a personage of spirit
Through his whisperings we are led,
as we listen close to hear it

Without a body of flesh and bone,
he enters into our heart
The truths of God can then be known,
by those who do their part

The Godhead works, always together,
in perfect unity
Giving us strength, life’s storms to weather,
with blessings eternally

The Holy Ghost will reveal,
the truth to the righteous mind
This truth, once received, no devil can steal,
because of the plan God designed

This quiet communication,
delivered softly to you and I
Is a gentle invitation,
to love our king who came, for our sins, to die

The witness of the Holy Ghost,
brings peace and certainty
This helps our conversion the most,
beyond what natural eyes see

As we strive to walk the trail,
that leads to eternal joy and bliss
We know that we will never fail,
if his promptings we don’t miss

The spirit can protect us all,
from danger of any kind
As we each answer his loving call,
great peace we soon will find

The gifts of the spirit will help us
to bless, those who need our love
We can help them to confess and forsake sin,
and dwell with our Father above

The soothing voice of a father,
brings comfort to a crying child
Let us help a Sister or Brother,
feel peace from the spirit so mild

The Holy Ghost can fill us up,
with perfect love and hope
The Savior can enter and with us sup,
and cut sins binding rope

Through the Spirit’s mighty power,
we are sanctified
We can find in every hour,
our needs will be supplied

We must enter through the baptismal gate,
to reach the Kingdom that’s best
The Gift of the Holy Ghost helps conquer hate,
and brings us peace and rest

He’s the Holy Spirit of Promise, it’s true,
and in this, his capacity
He confirms the ordinances given to you,
and those that are given to me

This approval depends on our faithfulness,
we each need this to take place
Our Father wants to guide and bless,
so we’ll worship him face to face

All honest seekers of the truth,
can feel the spirits influence and direction
Please ask God to bless all our youth,
to be worthy of his protection

The gift of the Holy Ghost is more constant,
than its influence alone
The gift allows him always to be present,
so we’ll have greater joy than we’ve known

We must keep the commandments of the almighty,
if we desire the spirit, to guide
We can enjoy his great company,
as in the love of God we abide

Full enjoyment of this gift,
can make us fit for Celestial glory
Let us go forth to bless and lift,
and tell all the world Jesus’ story

Each blessing comes, one by one,
as we prepare our hearts for God’s will
We must live in harmony with his Son,
if we desire God’s power to feel

God will bestow upon us great strength,
if we love him with all that we are
We know that we will conquer at length,
we can make it, no matter how far

The Spirit of the Lord may grieve,
his power may be quenched
If tangled webs of sin we weave,
the joy from our lives may be wrenched

Let’s keep our souls clean through the Lord’s grace,
and fill all our lives up with beauty
With help from the spirit we’ll reach the right place,
and accomplish each sacred duty.

My Son
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Evening light is fading
The room is dark and still
My child, sleeping soundly
Must wake to take his pill

I wake him very gently
He cries, for he is tired
He tries to move but cannot
There's a machine to which he's wired

And after he's asleep again
My heart is very sad
I feel like I should fix all this
Because I am his dad

Dear Father, up in Heaven
I'm pleading with you now
I want to heal my child's pain
Please help, and show me how

I feel I have no answers
Oh, Father hear my cries
My son is someone special
Will you just watch him as he dies?

Then, I hear a gentle voice
Speaking to my mind
Fear not, my child, for there is peace
In the plan that I designed

You see, I understand your grief
For I have felt it too
My son has also suffered pain
I've been as sad as you

When my son suffered on the cross
I wasn't by his side
I couldn't be there with him
Or help him as he died

Please know I love you and your son
And hold his little hand
You see, your loving kindness
Is the help for him I planned

And when his short life slips away
I'll catch and hold him tight
I hope this knowledge helps you
to make it through the night

So, Listen to your heart, my child
And you will clearly see
Your Savior, Jesus, paid the price
That all may come to me.

(In regard to this poem, I echo the words of J. Paul Hunter et al. who said, “The event described here is fictional. My wife did not actually die. I imagined this event in order to analyze and articulate how such an event might feel in certain circumstances. A work of literature can be true without being actual.”)

To Clearly See
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

We need to see things clearly
If we want to know the truth
We must hunger for it dearly
Hunting like a super-sleuth

We only see through darkly
As we travel in this life
Faith grows like a small tree
Overcoming storm and strife

There is a gift as great as love
That our kind God will give
And he has sent it from above
To help our faith to live.

A seer is helpful to us all
In showing truth and light
In taking down tradition's wall
And ending darkest night

We all have misperceptions
About our history
We see murky reflections
In the way things used to be

We need the help, God will provide
To understand the past
The truth can help us then decide
To find great joy at last.

Refining Fire
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

When life seems really sad
And full of punishment
It's not always cause' we've been bad
That the trials have been sent

In the Scriptures as we read, we see
Hard times the righteous face
Though pure in word and deed
They had to run this mortal race

The glorious crown we hope to win
Isn't in this place of scorn
For, though the Lord was free from sin
He wore a crown of thorn

Please, Lord guide us to the light
May we heed the words you say
Stay with us through this night
Til' we behold Celestial day

The trials of this life
Can inflict no lasting harms
If we trust God through the strife
Til' once again we're in his arms.

Ghost Town
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Darkness in the City
Brings a pensive mood
My state should bring me pity
Caused by thoughts on which I brood

This City is a ghost town
As empty as despair
Tonight I’m feeling down
And there’s no one here to care

Sure, The homes are full of people
Their lights are blazing bright
I can see the lighted steeple
On the church house, through the night

But I also see the shadow
Of friends who once lived here
Their hearts made my heart glow
And filled my life with cheer

So many friends have moved away
And yet their ghosts remain
“Remember me” their houses say
In haunting, slow refrain

I cannot travel down the road
Once the sun has set
For, all the memories kindness sowed
Will not let me forget

So many houses with memories living
Those families sure were kind
I miss the sharing and the giving
That soothed my lonely mind

And yet, before I moved to this home
Someone’s friend first moved away
So wherever all my friends may roam
They will find more friends I pray

Yes, I’ll try to be the kind of friend
I hope and pray to meet
Because I know that in the end
I must love, to be complete.

(In regard to this poem, I echo the words of J. Paul Hunter et al. who said, “The event described here is fictional. My wife did not actually die. I imagined this event in order to analyze and articulate how such an event might feel in certain circumstances. A work of literature can be true without being actual.”)

A Blog World
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I saw a room, the other day,
Where bride and groom, just talk all day.
They never hear, the other speak,
Or wipe a tear, from the others cheek.
They’re only speaking, all the time,
With faces weeping, like a mime.
With her computer, and his laptop,
There could be an intruder, but they wouldn’t stop.
They go on blogging, without living life.
On this treadmill jogging, are husband and wife.
What are they hoping, as they both write?
Or are they just coping, with long lonely night?
In reality, they're reaching out for their mate.
With their blog-words beseeching, for love and not hate.
Yet, sending this plea, into deep cyberspace,
Can’t help them to see, love in each others face.
And the people they blog to, yes, it’s such a sad scene,
For, would-be readers are glued to the bright T.V. screen.

(In regard to this poem, I echo the words of J. Paul Hunter et al. who said, “The event described here is fictional. My wife did not actually die. I imagined this event in order to analyze and articulate how such an event might feel in certain circumstances. A work of literature can be true without being actual.”)

There is Hope
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

O struggling world so full of strife
Thy God is near to thee
He is the way to peace in life
Bright hope I truly see

For when we place our hand in thine
Our footsteps thou wilt lead
And guide us with a light divine
With love supply our need

The nations of the earth must bow
In deep humility
To find the peace you offer now
To view the hope I see

For death or trial with pain and grief
May come to me today
I through the Savior find relief
That peace inside will stay

My hope for our dark troubled earth
Is peace for you and I
The answer is the second birth
That Jesus can supply.

Visited Before

God lives and is real.
He listens when you pray.
Pure love, he wants us all to feel.
He'll guide our steps today.

This supreme creator,
Loves us endlessly,
He calls a revelator,
And helps us all to see.

His love is so extensive.
He sent his only son.
This gift was so expensive!
The bridge he built is done!

Let us love him in return,
Though life is full of pain,
Remember that this earth will burn,
When Jesus comes again.

We need not fear the devil's roar,
We can be free of shame,
If we've been visited before,
By God's great cleansing flame.

A Perfect Family
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

From the dawn of our beginning
Upon this wondrous earth.
God has a plan for winning.
Starting with a child's birth.

Each child of God that comes here
Needs a mom and daddy first.
Could we conquer every fear
If each child, with love, were nursed?

Things, sometimes, aren't worked out
In perfection, in this mortal life.
Some people take a different route
And don't love, as man and wife.

So, when our lives are lonely
And pain is all around
We must look to our God only
Where his purest love is found.

Yes, we can be adopted
Into the fold of God.
There’s peace for all who’ve opted
To grasp the iron rod.

For, even if earthly family ties
Dissolve and turn to dust.
God will wipe tears from our eyes
As we place in him our trust.

The second birth creates for you
A built-in family.
And they will be forever true
Throughout eternity.

Our Hearts Can Heal
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Among the headstones on the grounds
Where children sometimes play
There is a spot without the sounds
That little children say

This is where a child’s at rest
Beneath the sod and flower
These tombstones are with tears caressed
Til’ Resurrections hour

While we await the Lord’s return
To rectify our grief
We know we’ll see his glory burn
Rewarding our belief

Until that glorious day is here
The sorrow is quite real
Our Lord will also shed a tear
Through him our hearts can heal.

With Many Tears and No Regrets
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Rising up high, with black, terrible power,
I see a storm forming, to give earth a shower.

Violent clouds boil right down toward me,
Bringing darkness so thick that I cannot see.

A storm fulfills its violent threats,
With many tears and no regrets.

There is no safe, dry place to hide,
When lightening strikes you from inside.

With a rush of noise and fear,
The raging flood is drawing near.

It smells of rotten leaves and pain,
The ugly power of beautiful rain.

This angry water from the sky,
Was once small droplets, miles high.

It now has gathered, fierce and cold,
To let its hate and wrath unfold.

In this world, there’s destruction and woe,
There's also a lesson each person should know.

God sends forth the rain on both evil and just.
And he also tries our patience and trust.

Yet, even this storm, that hides the sky,
Which glares at me, and bids me die,

Can also be stopped if it be our God’s will,
When Jesus says to the water, “Be Still.”

(In regard to this poem, I echo the words of J. Paul Hunter et al. who said, “The event described here is fictional. My wife did not actually die. I imagined this event in order to analyze and articulate how such an event might feel in certain circumstances. A work of literature can be true without being actual.”)

The Individual in the Group
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

If good individuals work with others,
They can share and help and lift.
As a sister or a brother,
Yes, from God they are a gift.

Good groups know more together,
Than individuals ever could,
This brings blessings forever,
As they magnify the good.

There always is a leader
In every group that forms.
They are the silent meter
That validates the norms.

If a good leader is rejected,
Then by another they’ll be led.
Individual minds are then affected,
By the motives in that head.

Some leaders sow corruption.
Like a disease, it then can spread,
Bringing angers’ black eruption,
That fills with hate the head.

So in this situation,
Involving groups of any kind.
We must find some inspiration,
And use the power of our mind.

To guard freedom, born of trust,
And preserve our liberty,
We must find the one who’ll lead us,
To the place we need to be.

We should be a willing servant,
When we’re called upon to lead.
Being watchful and observant,
Helping others in their need.

Individuals can decide,
To stay pure and free of sin.
When the atonement is applied,
God’s household we’ll be in.

Yes, even if you feel alone,
And the group despises you.
Walk the path the Lord has shown,
And form the group, of God and you.

Loving God Far More than Life
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

It is uncommon for people to think,
Of their upcoming death.
Our spirits are troubled and start to sink,
For, time will stop all breath.

I must think about all this,
For, I’m condemned to die.
It is my family that I’ll miss,
They’re the reason that I cry.

And I will die an innocent man,
For, I’m wrongfully accused.
And so I pray and wait and plan,
For God’s love to be infused.

While I have no bitterness today,
And my heart is free of hate.
There are some things I want to say,
Before it is too late.

When a person faces death with hope,
Faith grows and comfort comes.
Even if a noose is made with rope,
As the ticking clock still drums.

Faith and love both conquer fear.
A clear conscience, great peace brings.
Yes, even as my death draws near,
My heart, with joy still sings.

I wish that I were able to live,
And raise my children up.
There’s so much that I could give,
To overflow, with joy their cup.

I know the Lord is truly pleased,
When his children wish to stay.
I know our sorrows can be eased,
Though skies are cold and grey.

We all should LIVE upon this earth,
As long as life can last.
For, from the moment of our birth,
The time runs out so fast.

I will not die in a prison yard,
For a crime that I’ve confessed.
But this death, for me is just as hard
For, my cancer has progressed.

The death that soon will come to me,
Isn’t something I desire.
Yet, even so, I clearly see,
God’s love must cleanse like fire.

Though death is absolutely frightening,
I know that God will take me home.
The word of God is so enlightening,
As through this valley I roam.

Yes, while I wish that I could stay,
Spending time with my sweet wife,
I’ll trust the things the scriptures say,
And love God, far more than life.

(In regard to this poem, I echo the words of J. Paul Hunter et al. who said, “The event described here is fictional. My wife did not actually die. I imagined this event in order to analyze and articulate how such an event might feel in certain circumstances. A work of literature can be true without being actual.”)

It's Best to Know and Do
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I drink all of it quickly down,
I cannot get enough.
It seems to me a golden crown,
The best of worldly stuff.

I learn all knowledge that I can,
I’ll take as much as I can get,
I am learning’s greatest fan,
And so right here I’ll sit.

Though many tasks now call to me,
I can’t tear myself away.
I have too many books to see,
I must learn the things they say.

Yet, is it right to learn and not apply?
To build up, and knowledge merely store?
While suffering persons pass us by,
As we leave closed our door?

Knowledge sometimes puffs us up,
Until compassion dies.
While love will fill the beggar’s cup,
Yes, Charity edifies.

It’s different with a Scripture feast,
They have a great message that’s true,
They help the selfish hand release,
To know, and also do.

A Firm Foundation
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The workers need a place to start,
A foundation on which to build.
Yet, footings aren’t displayed like art,
Their surface with gold we don’t gild.

The foundation is an important part,
Of a building great or small,
It forms, in effect, the structural heart,
That helps it to stand or to fall.

We must build the foundation of our life,
Upon the teachings of our Lord.
Building each other as husband and wife,
To be ready when concrete is poured.

If we don’t build upon solid ground,
If we don’t take the time or the care,
We know in the future that it will be found,
That there’s shifting and weakness down there.

When a structure has problems, Its owner will frown,
If the building is beyond all repair.
It’s so sad when we must tear buildings down,
And start building a new structure there.

Yet, if we build our lives with God’s plan,
We can find a whole lifetime of peace.
Yes, there can be joy for each woman and man,
The kind that will not ever cease.

The Secret Campsite
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

We wanted someplace secret,
Where we could go to play
A place that would be quiet,
At any time of day.

We searched the map with care,
To find the perfect spot.
So we wouldn’t have to share,
The shade when it was hot.

We found the perfect hill-top,
A place where it was flat,
Where others would not stop,
Or think to hang their hat.

Close by, there was a beaver pond,
And wild potatoes in the meadow,
Our hearts grew very fond,
Of our place outside the ghetto.

The towering pines were taller,
Than the others on the hills,
There's no one there to holler,
It’s nice to know how silence feels.

We went up to it frequently,
To spend a restful week.
And it was a strength to me,
To find the solace that I seek.

Then one day, as just arriving,
I saw a tragic sight,
And It took no time deriving,
What had caused the shocking blight.

The stone fireplace was torn apart,
There were beer cans all around,
And sadness swelled within my heart,
For our secret had been found.

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Voices carry
Far from home
Loud and scary
Voices roam.

Your word
Also calls to me
These truths I’ve heard
Can set me free.

I mustn’t choose
Another way
Or I will loose
These truths today.

Your loving voice
Helps me to see
The proper choice
Which leads to thee.

Become One, Acquainted With the Light
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Become one, acquainted with the light.
For a glorious vision like noon day
Has ended long and lonely night.

This vision helps us choose the right.
If you want to, then you surely may
Become one, acquainted with the light.

To help us see truth, clear and bright
The God who keeps evil at bay
Has ended long and lonely night.

Though we can’t stop the suns swift flight.
We can choose to walk God’s way.
Become one, acquainted with the light.

The one who gives the blind their sight
Because he hears what children say
Has ended long and lonely night.

Now we can rise to heavens height
For that great God to whom we pray
Has ended long and lonely night.
Become one, acquainted with the light.

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

There are many reasons
That our bright eyes cry tears.
In the many different seasons
Of love and joy, or fears.

My tears doubled, until lately.
Now gone are streaks of bitterness,
Which had troubled my life greatly
In the past, to steal my bliss.

Now I seem to cry for things
Only, that bring me peace
When joy in my heart sings
And through my tears, demands release.

Let God Be your Navigator
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Our instinct is to smile and laugh
When we hear jokes on death
But proximity cuts our mirth in half
As loved ones fight for breath.

Lord Jesus took the sting away
And solved the problem of dying
He comforts hearts that grieve today
With the power that he’s supplying

People are dying every day
In hospitals and on the street.
The important thing is to follow God’s way
So you stop going down at six feet.

If one is free from Satan’s grip,
There is less sorrow in parting.
We never need to fear the trip
When God, our course is charting.

The Message of the Morning
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The fresh, clean, new day dawns so brightly
The morning is always so bold
It clears up the mist that forms nightly
Making way for the day to unfold

Watching though darkness we see the kind sun
Rising from midnights frozen grip
Shining with glory from the battle he's won
The sun begins on his warm skyward trip

Each time the sun begins the new day
We're reminded of the chance he is giving
For us when our lives have become dull and gray
to again rise and shine and to find joy in living.

The Wild Tangled Places
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Deep in the wild, tangled places,
Where the close trees block the sun.
Are those who gather with youthful faces.
They’ve come to find some fun.

Society builds for children a park.
And makes it a safe place to play.
Yet some children go to play in the dark,
Shutting out the light of the day.

Curiosity and a wish for adventure
Can attract children to the woods.
These children want to appear more mature
By taking more risks than they should.

Some find excitement by fording a river,
While it’s raging right after the rain,
(A thought that makes wise people shiver)
For excitement can turn into pain.

It’s better to seek peace and safety.
We don’t need to make our lives rough.
For, after a while it’s easy to see,
Normal life is exciting enough.

Look Up
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

When my mind is tired and weary
From the labors of this life
And my eyes are burned and bleary
From the stresses and strife,
I’ve focused only on the things
That man has built for me
With loneliness my heart then rings
God’s hand I cannot see.
My eyes are on the sidewalk
Or on the road ahead.
I hear the ticking of the clock
That drives me from my bed.
Yet, if I lift my eyes
To find God’s love for me.
I can gaze upon the skies
And see eternity.
I can see the lovely mountains
The cathedrals of the land.
Yes, I drink from these pure fountains
And I clearly see God’s hand.
I feast on milk and honey
That free and yummy food
Jesus gives us without money
And my soul is then renewed.

The virtue of the word of God
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The warriers stalwart sword,
was ready through the years.
A tool to serve the Lord,
And sooth their families fears.

Yet, all the violent swings,
That layed their brother's low,
coul not achieve the things,
That cause pure love to grow.

Yes, only when they tried,
The virtue of the word,
Could victory be supplied,
By truths that must be heard.

Of all the tools we find,
In all the warrior's art.
Only the word can change the mind,
Making soft the hardened heart.

When the Alluring World Calls
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

My daughter holds my hand,
She's not quite two years old.
She wants to go exploring.
She's fearless and she's bold.

As we're walking down the hall,
She see's an open door.
She tugs and wants to go inside,
She's sure it offers more.

I can read the sign,
Which has been posted there.
Danger! High voltage inside!
I hold her back because I care.

My daughter starts to cry,
She doesn't like what I am doing.
She wants to go inside.
And find excitement that is brewing.

As we now continue,
And once the danger's past,
My daughter stops her crying
And there is peace at last.

My daughter is now fourteen,
She doesn't like the rules.
She sometimes hates her parents,
And thinks that we are fools.

Yet, later in her life,
When she can understand,
She will see it's wise to walk,
The course her Father planned.

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