When the Alluring World Calls

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

My daughter holds my hand,
She's not quite two years old.
She wants to go exploring.
She's fearless and she's bold.

As we're walking down the hall,
She see's an open door.
She tugs and wants to go inside,
She's sure it offers more.

I can read the sign,
Which has been posted there.
Danger! High voltage inside!
I hold her back because I care.

My daughter starts to cry,
She doesn't like what I am doing.
She wants to go inside.
And find excitement that is brewing.

As we now continue,
And once the danger's past,
My daughter stops her crying
And there is peace at last.

My daughter is now fourteen,
She doesn't like the rules.
She sometimes hates her parents,
And thinks that we are fools.

Yet, later in her life,
When she can understand,
She will see it's wise to walk,
The course her Father planned.

(In regard to this poem, I echo the words of J. Paul Hunter et al. who said, “The event described here is fictional. My children are not yet that old and do not feel like the girl described in the poem. I imagined this event in order to analyze and articulate how such an event might feel in certain circumstances. A work of literature can be true without being actual.”)

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