Where is Heaven?

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

There is a religious shift in this world away from “traditional authoritarian religion.” Adherents of these new “conglomerate religions” pick and choose from every religion and accept and practice their own customized form of worship. However, this practice can never work for the doctrines or truths concerning the life following this one.
If believers could create their own customized heaven or existence after this life, it could never be truly granted for each member of these conglomerate religions unless the future heaven imagined by one believer did not include those friends and family who had created an entirely different kind of heaven (though their customized beliefs) for themselves. After all, which heaven would be granted and how would God decide which believers would be forced to forever endure a particular heaven so as to complete the expectation that family and friends would be present to provide good company to the individual.
The empty heaven that this system would require would be no heaven at all. The truth about the future heavens that the children of God will inherit, as well as the requirements for those who desire to reach the highest heaven must be consistent and emanate from our universal Father in Heaven. Our live after this one has a definite appointed destination, which is determined by what we do here on this earth. Therefore, it is very important that we find the truth about God and his plan and embrace it fully. It is understandable that Conglomerate religions can indeed be appealing, after all, you can pick and choose which commandments of God you will be required to follow. It is very convenient to leave out the ones that cause you any challenge or difficulty in following. After all, you still have your personal assurance that you will still arrive in your idea of heaven after this life.
Being a member of a specific denomination does not, in and of itself, guarantee that we are not really a member of a conglomerate religious practice. If we incorporate only some of the commandments of God in our lives and then spend the rest of our time worshiping the idols of consumerism and evil pleasure, we are no better off than those who claim no denomination. The key is to find the truth about God and the truth about the way things will be after this life and then to do all things that God has commanded us through the divine help that God can give us in following his ways.


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-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

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