With Many Tears and No Regrets

With Many Tears and No Regrets
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Rising up high, with black, terrible power,
I see a storm forming, to give earth a shower.

Violent clouds boil right down toward me,
Bringing darkness so thick that I cannot see.

A storm fulfills its violent threats,
With many tears and no regrets.

There is no safe, dry place to hide,
When lightening strikes you from inside.

With a rush of noise and fear,
The raging flood is drawing near.

It smells of rotten leaves and pain,
The ugly power of beautiful rain.

This angry water from the sky,
Was once small droplets, miles high.

It now has gathered, fierce and cold,
To let its hate and wrath unfold.

In this world, there’s destruction and woe,
There's also a lesson each person should know.

God sends forth the rain on both evil and just.
And he also tries our patience and trust.

Yet, even this storm, that hides the sky,
Which glares at me, and bids me die,

Can also be stopped if it be our God’s will,
When Jesus says to the water, “Be Still.”


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-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

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