Meat-lovers Deep Dish Doctrines

Meat-lovers Deep Dish Doctrines
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Sunday School’s a place for learning,
Yet, all knowledge isn’t the same.
New subjects can create a yearning,
To silence instructors with shame.

Some only want to hear safe topics;
They want to sleep all through the class.
Like spending a weekend in the tropics,
With things that only “came to pass.”

We say we seek to know all truth,
Then we’re mad to know a certain thing.
We like to learn just in our youth,
With a familiar song to sing.

After the milk has been consumed,
Sometimes we don't want the meat.
It takes a lot to then resume,
Serving food the saints will eat.

Some knowledge is of greater worth,
So we teach the things the saints will need.
Soon after they have found re-birth,
His sheep we gently feed.

Yet, I long to dwell near holy thrones,
In perfect unity.
Where we can sit and “gnaw the bones,”
Throughout eternity.

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