Ghost Town

Ghost Town
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Darkness in the City
Brings a pensive mood
My state should bring me pity
Caused by thoughts on which I brood

This City is a ghost town
As empty as despair
Tonight I’m feeling down
And there’s no one here to care

Sure, The homes are full of people
Their lights are blazing bright
I can see the lighted steeple
On the church house, through the night

But I also see the shadow
Of friends who once lived here
Their hearts made my heart glow
And filled my life with cheer

So many friends have moved away
And yet their ghosts remain
“Remember me” their houses say
In haunting, slow refrain

I cannot travel down the road
Once the sun has set
For, all the memories kindness sowed
Will not let me forget

So many houses with memories living
Those families sure were kind
I miss the sharing and the giving
That soothed my lonely mind

And yet, before I moved to this home
Someone’s friend first moved away
So wherever all my friends may roam
They will find more friends I pray

Yes, I’ll try to be the kind of friend
I hope and pray to meet
Because I know that in the end
I must love, to be complete.


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-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

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Searing Truth said...

Nice poem, make it a song.