We all need a friend

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Sometimes we all feel lonely
Those are common tears to cry
We feel that we care only
That we sit and sadly sigh

The spirit's a gift the Savior sent
When he ascended to dwell above
This gift he left when life was spent
Can make a place in hearts for love

The gift of the Holy Ghost
Can fill our heart with peace
This Comforter can help the most
To make our heartache cease

God's love can dry our tears
No matter why we've cried
The Spirit calms our fears
Warming hearts up, from inside

Sometimes, we feel that we're alone
When friends are hard to find
Some leave our God, who they have known
And depart from peace of mind

The tragedy of this dark path
Is very hard to bear
They lose the peace the Spirit hath
For he can't follow there

Our constant friend in life
The one who dwells inside
Must abandon them to strife
As their commitment died

Oh, let us keep this one true friend
And walk with God each day
For, we'll go home at this life's end
If we endure and pray

If we want to conquer sadness
Finding peace in every hour
Let's receive this gift with gladness
And be filled with love and power.

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