A Firm Foundation

By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The workers need a place to start,
A foundation on which to build.
Yet, footings aren’t displayed like art,
Their surface with gold we don’t gild.

The foundation is an important part,
Of a building great or small.
And forms, in effect, the structural heart,
That helps it to stand or to fall.

We must build the foundation of our life,
Upon the teachings of our Lord.
Building each other as husband and wife,
To be ready when concrete is poured.

If we don’t build upon solid ground,
If we don’t take the time or the care,
We know that it will be found,
That there’s shifting and weakness down there.

When a structure has problems, Its owner will frown,
If the building is beyond all repair.
It’s so sad when we must tear buildings down,
And start building a new structure there.

Yet, if we build our lives with God’s plan,
We can find a whole lifetime of peace.
Yes, there can be joy for each woman and man,
The kind that will not ever cease.

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