It's Best to Know and Do

I drink all of it quickly down,
I cannot get enough.
It seems to me a golden crown,
The best of worldly stuff.

I learn all knowledge that I can,
I’ll take as much as I can get,
I am learning’s greatest fan,
And so right here I’ll sit.

Though many tasks now call to me,
I can’t tear myself away.
I have too many books with me,
I must learn the things they say.

Yet, is it right to learn and not apply?
To build up, and knowledge merely store?
While suffering persons pass us by,
And we leave closed our door?

Knowledge sometimes puffs us up,
Until compassion dies.
While love will fill the beggar’s cup,
Yes, Charity edifies.

It’s different with a Scripture feast,
They have a great message that’s true,
They help the selfish hand release,
To know, and also do.

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