Watching the children grow up


Here is a little more inspiration for you…

My Son, who was apparently born two months old because of his size. (At least that's what his clothes said on the tags.) is growing bigger and bigger. My youngest daughter is very adorable, and has thankfully lost interest long ago in her old hobby of holding something in her hands and coming up to you with the sweetest little adorable look and then whacking you between the eyes with it. I think it may have developed out of not being the little baby anymore and wanting more attention. I am not sure but it was so cute (before she whacked you). I received two black eyes from that hobby of hers but I sure loved her and I still do. (I didn’t really have black eyes but after the blues clues motorized stuffed animal whack I was surprised that I didn’t.) The real funny part of it is that there was no warning whatsoever. "Oh, hello my little sweet girl. Is that blue..." WHACK!

My oldest daughter is sure growing up fast. The other day she noted, "Daddy you have whiskers coming out of your nose like Tigger." I guess I am getting closer to the age of longer nose hair at that.

I hope that you have a wonderful day!


-Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

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