Standing in Line

Standing in Line
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

I'm going through this Life
Just the same as anyone
Avoiding pain and strife
And looking for some fun

A friend of mine, stood in a line
And I walked over there
The company was so divine
I stayed, without a care

The years flew by as we progressed
Not making any plans
We thought we'd find some peace and rest
But left with empty hands

For, when we'd reached the very end
We found, as others had
We'd been distracted by a friend
We didn’t see the line was bad

Please question the direction
The line is headed in
To make a good connection
That the prize we all may win

Do we want the things this line will give?
Or will we later grieve.
Let’s ask ourselves, while we yet live
“Is there more I can receive?”

The moral of this story
Is there for us to see
If we want to find God's glory
We must ask God where to be.

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