I was listening to a radio program recently during which, they discussed a group of doctors who lived in France many years ago. These Doctors worked at a free hospital for unwed mothers. The death-rate for the mothers at this charity hospital was 70 percent! They all believed that the reason it was higher at their hospital was because God punishes sinners. While it is true that God punishes sinners, in this case the reason these mothers were dying was that the doctors did not wash their hands between doing research at the morgue and delivering babies back at the hospital. One doctor, who refused to accept the easy assumption that most doctors had accepted, continued researching and found out that if they delivered babies with clean hands that the death-rate dropped sharply. If we truly love others we do what is best for them and do not participate in activities that can hurt them even indirectly. This story on this radio program had a happy ending, because once these doctors realized that they were part of the problem, they made sure that their hands were clean and the number of deaths were greatly reduced.

Let us Serve with a Heart that is Clean
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The women who came to that poorhouse, all carried a child inside.
These ladies felt low as a louse, for with shame they had come to reside.
The Doctors showed them compassion, and helped without charging a fee.
Self-righteousness was their reaction, with virtue all plainly could see.
Yet, once the night had fallen, these Doctors looked at other things.
In the morgue with germs a’ crawlin’, where death to each hand clings.
When they looked to find the answer, as to why these women died,
Infection's deadly cancer, was waiting there inside.
What made these women die, when giving birth right here?
As these Doctors wondered why, their answer seemed quite clear.
For, God will punish evil, and these women were unwed.
When you see the wheat has weevil, you throw away the bread.
And so the search progressed, with dead bodies in the night.
Using corpses they’d undressed, they tried to shed some light.
Then they found the tragic cause, and it truly is obscene.
So shed a tear and pause… yes, their OWN hands were unclean!
The disease that they had viewed, to know why Moms had died,
On they’re own hands had been glued, and this is how it got inside.
These doctors, asked to heal, had spread germs instead that killed.
How does a man then feel, who serves as sword instead of shield?
For, that is false compassion, harming those we claim to pity.
So let’s heed the truth again, and not re-play this ugly ditty.
There are women in the world, who spiritually have died.
Who have their clothing now unfurled, so men can look inside.
Some wicked men shun filth by day, while viewing it at night.
Yet, if each man follows in God’s way, he’ll fill our souls with light.
As we go forth to lift and bless, remember what these lessons mean.
For, we'll never create an immoral mess, as we serve with a heart that is clean.

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