A Correct Comprehension of Ourselves - by Appreciable

A Correct Comprehension of Ourselves
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

If there's a God in heaven
If there's a plan for me
I know that I must find them
If my purpose I would see

Unless I know why I am here
Upon this troubled earth
I'll never know the reason
My soul has wondrous worth

If there's a great creator,
Why did he send me here?
What's the purpose of my life?
To conquer doubt and fear?

What will happen after death?
Why did we come to be?
Will I just stop existing?
Or come back as a tree?

What's the greatest future,
That I can hope to reach?
Are they only fiction?
These words the prophets teach?

The answers to these questions
Are difficult to find
I look but cannot find them
Recorded in my mind

The mind alone can't find them
These answers that I need
I need something to verify
These words I'm asked to read

The theories of the scientist
Can't explain mortality
These theories can't be proved
With facts my eyes can see

I need a message straight from God
That speaks straight to my heart
Where no one else has access
With all their cunning art

The Holy Ghost alone can teach
The truths that God will share
And God will guide me straight to him
With tender loving care.

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