How can we know the truth?

Knowing the truth by the Spirit of God
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

If we desire to gain the maximum amount of pure knowledge and to possess as much truth as possible, we must develop eyes that can make unbiased observations. We need eyes that see, not necessarily what we want them to see, but rather, the things God wants us to see. We need eyes that can see the truth in its purity. We must be willing to let go of even our most cherished misconceptions and be willing to change any or all of our current views. All truth comes from God, and therefore, we can have complete faith in the benefit of changing our perceptions in every way that will bring our understanding closer to the fullness of truth we receive only from God.

While it is essential to be open-minded, this does not require us to be ever learning and yet never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. Conviction and certitude are not strangers to open minded theists. For, when the truths of God are confirmed in your heart and mind through the spirit of God, there can be no deeper certainty that you have received the truth in the center of your being.

We need to rely on God for a complete understanding of the truth.

A Correct Comprehension of Ourselves
By Appreciable

If there's a God in heaven, If there's a plan for me.
I know that I must find them, If my purpose I would see.

Unless I know why I am here, Upon this troubled earth.
I'll never know the reason, My soul has wondrous worth.

If there's a great creator, Why did he send me here?
What's the purpose of my life? To conquer doubt and fear?

What will happen after death? Why did we come to be?
Will I just stop existing? Or come back as a tree?

What's the greatest future, That I can hope to reach?
Are they only fiction? These words the prophets teach?

The answers to these questions, Are difficult to find.
I look but cannot find them, Recorded in my mind.

The mind alone can't find them, These answers that I need.
I need something to verify, These words I'm asked to read.

The theories of the scientist, Can't explain mortality.
These theories can't be proved, With facts my eyes can see.

I need a message straight from God, That speaks straight to my heart.
Where no one else has access, With all their cunning art.

The Holy Ghost alone can teach, The truths that God will share.
And God will guide me straight to him, With tender loving care.

Our decisions about gaining a knowledge of the truth have important consequences.

Standing in Line
By Appreciable

I'm going through this Life, Just the same as anyone.
Avoiding pain and strife, And looking for some fun.
A friend of mine, stood in a line, And I walked over there.
The company was so divine, I stayed, without a care.
The years flew by as we progressed, Not making any plans.
We thought we'd find some peace and rest, But left with empty hands.
For, when we'd reached the very end, We found, as others had.
We'd been distracted by a friend, We didn’t see the line was bad.
Please question the direction, The line is headed in.
To make a good connection, That the prize we all may win.
Do we want the things this line will give? Or will we later grieve?
Let’s ask ourselves, while we yet live, “Is there more I can receive?”
The moral of this story, Is there for us to see.
If we want to find God's glory, We must ask God where to be.

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