Heavenly Father lives and loves us - by Appreciable

Heavenly Father lives and loves us
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Heavenly Father lives and
loves us one and all
He sent Christ our Savior
to save us from the fall

Joseph Smith the prophet
Called to teach God's plan
Holy Scripture was restored
Through this righteous man

Through the Restoration
That gift of wondrous worth
The Lord sent his Church again
Here upon the Earth

Now we know the fullness
Of God's plan of grace
If we pass the test here
We will see his face

We must all live worthy
Of the spirits voice
He will help and guide us
When we make a choice

All our wondrous blessings
Come from God Above
He asks that we give him
Pure unending love

We can build the Kingdom
Each and every day
Enter to my kingdom
We can hear him say.

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