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The lesser of two evils is still an evil
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

In an episode of “The Simpsons,” two aliens came to earth to take over the world. To accomplish this objective, these aliens decided to run for the office of President in the most powerful Country in the world. They decided that one of them would run as a Republican and the other as a Democrat. In this way, one of them would be elected for sure. In this T.V. show, one of the aliens won the election and soon enslaved all of humanity. In the cartoon, the humans were not happy under the brutal leadership of their alien taskmasters. One of these humans complained to another human working next to him about the horrible changes that had occurred since the election. The other human responded by saying, “Don’t blame me, it’s a two-party system, I voted for the other guy.”

I am not suggesting that John McCain and Barack Obama are aliens. I am suggesting, however, that the time may come in the future, that we will need to find and vote for a third option, in order to maintain our freedom. I believe that honesty is the main qualification for a political leader. Without honesty, the oath of office means nothing. Neither Barack Obama nor John McCain disserves to be elected to the U.S. Presidency. They are entrenched in the powerful grip of National Parties that have lost sight of the overall good of the American People. There are people who will do a much better job of leading this Country. I hope that you will join with me, and write-in someone you respect and admire, for President of the United States of America.

I like Barack Obama’s call for radical change in U.S. Politics. Unfortunately, significant change will not be achieved with either himself or John McCain as President. Barack Obama complains about John McCain being a “Washington politician. It seems to me that for Barack Obama to complain about this, is a little like “the pot calling the kettle black.” (No pun intended.) After all, Barack Obama also works in Washington D.C. as a “Washington politician”. If we really want change, therefore, we must vote for neither Obama nor McCain. Eight political watchdog groups recently asked John McCain and Barack Obama to disclose more about the fundraising for their presidential campaigns. My Father, for instance, really is a Washington outsider, in fact he’s promised that he will not go to Washington D.C. for political purposes unless we elect him to the Presidency. I love America more than I love any political Party and so I’ll vote for the candidate that will be the best leader for America.

One of the most important issues to me is that of Same-Gender Marriage. In other Countries, where same-gender marriages receive legal recognition, there have been declining heterosexual marriage rates and sharp increases in illegitimacy rates. Yet, some people still don't see how allowing same-sex 'civil union' takes away from the meaning of marriage. In the end they say, “a legal civil union is a private contract between two people.” This view overlooks the real consequences on society that have already been realized in other Countries.

Due to some of his recent comments, Obama has been accused of dragging biblical understanding through the gutter. Other people say that Obama is committed to reaching out to people of faith and standing up for families. I personally worry about his tendency to govern by the lowest common denominator of public morality. However, I cannot, in good conscience vote for McCain either. I am concerned over the departures John McCain has made in the past from the ideals of his party.

My father is a man of great wisdom and solid integrity and honesty. My Father is a strong supporter of traditional marriage. He believes that the role of Government is to guarantee freedom, punishing those who are guilty of breaking the law, providing protection against foreign invasion, and to find solutions to the problems in our communities. We cannot ignore problems that prevent families from living in a community with a healthy environment. My father has also served as an unpaid religious leader for a small, Christian congregation for over twelve years. He’s also taught the Bible professionally for almost 40 years. He is a man who is full of love for others and has a remarkable ability to lead others in a cooperative and successful way.

We do have a voice and a choice, not limited to only two options. The argument against voting for a third party candidate, is to say that they can’t possibly win. However, I believe that we can bring a candidate to the White House who wasn’t chosen for us in a back room in Washington D.C. We should each vote for the person we feel would do the best job, even if they do not have an R or D by there name. Many candidates and public servants seek to appear to be honest, generous, and caring, without actually being any of those things.

My Father really is commitment to working with everyone to achieve a happy and prosperous national community. If elected, he will devote himself fully to leading this Country toward collective success and the realization of happiness for both individuals and families. I hope you will join me in answering Barack Obama’s call for change, by voting for someone who really will bring it about. Please join me in writing in someone that you really respect and admire for President of the United States.

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Excellent post! I couldn't agree more!