We never see completely unles we stop and look

We never see completely unless we stop and look
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

Old mount baldy now becomes a bright red-head
As the lovely sunset, slowly moves it's light
Up the gloomy mountain with a slow and silent tred
Day is closed and fading now softly into night

After the light was gone from view
I found myself in awe
That mountain to me had become like new
For the first time it's beauty I saw

Though I'd lived my whole life in the spot where I stood
And seen Old mount baldy in sunshine and rain
I had never noticed that it looked so good
When we take time to see things we have so much to gain

For in each of our lives joy and beauty abound
We are loved by so many and some times we don't know it
When the light of Christ shines love can always be found
Like the light of the sunset, to our eyes he can show it

I hope we're all thankful for the blessings we share
Sometimes we don't value our loved ones while they're here
And though we can't remember when they were not there
It is good to remember they can't always be near

For as we each travel in the light from above
We see the value of others and thank God for their love

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