What Did You Do On P-Day? Or On a Regular Day Tracting

When you were a missionary, what was it like tracting and riding your bike?

Two Elders left to go on some visits and in less than five minutes they returned. They had tried to take a short cut across a field and one of them crashed on his bike. He ripped his suit coat, his pants, and had scrapes all over his hands. The joys of bike riding.

One of my embarrassing experiences occurred when we stopped to help some people move into their house. We were carrying things into the house and near the end of the load; I went to pick up a heavy load of boxed books. Well, my pants split right down the back! I guess too much bike riding isn't good for suit pants.

I thought this video was hilarious, just the kind of thing that some missionaries would do. This video reminded me of the stories above.

Video: Riding your bike across a puddle.


appreciable said...

That video is so funny! That poor missionary and his poor suit! (I hope it wasn't dryclean only.)

Anonymous said...

Awesome video! It brought back a lot of great memories from my mission- not just the crazy eperiences, but the joys of teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.