Latest Mormon News and Events 2/27/2008

The following story, Mormon Missionaries Describe Lives in Bloomington published in the Indiana Daily Student reminded me of my time in Fresno, California. While I was serving out in a small town that covered Caruthers, Raisin City, and the southern tip of Fresno proper, my mission companion and I wrote an article that was published in one of the local papers. I'll have to find a copy of that article it's in my files somewhere. I do remember I included a ton of information thinking they would edit it, so I was embarrassed when they published the whole thing without editing. Overall though, it was fun to write.

In Sun City, California the Mormon youth were out and about helping the elderly. Great story Area Mormon youth help Sun City seniors tidy up community's ubiquitous rock lawns published in the North County Times. I think their service project was much easier than some of the ones I've been involved in recently. We cut down a huge tree in one of the good Sister's yard. We had 23 brethren and it took 6 hours, after which the High Priests cooked us up some delicious dutch oven food. Mormon service projects are awesome!

I don't usually post obituaries, but I found the services for Tom Lantos fascinating. He was a Holocaust survivor, in fact, the only Holocaust survivor ever elected to Congress. He was fiercely pro-Israel. His wife, also a Holocaust survivor, and his two daughters are Mormons. The article can be found at The Jewish Ledger titled Tom Lantos remembered. It's an interesting story. The Jewish Ledger serves Connecticut and western Massachusetts.

Another notice: This comes from KVOA television. Services for former governor Saturday in Glendale. The former Governor of Arizona Evan Mecham will hold memorial services this Saturday at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints building in Glendale. It appears he was controversial figure in Arizona politics.

Students of Brigham Young University reacted to the recent published study showing first born children get far more attention than the rest. Responses ranged from "it's only logical" to "my family was different". I wonder if the response varied by if the student was the first born or not?
More results of the study can be found here.

This was an interesting article detailing the 1882 congress of the United States of America. Harsh immigration laws echo 19th century anti-Mormon legislation is the title published in the Salt Lake Tribune. Who new the same year congress outlawed the vote of Mormons they also wrote the "Chinese Exclusion Act"?

I find it amazing what missionaries learn while serving, some learn a language or foods, I personally love Posole, but others learn culture. Elder Luis Castro learned about a dance called Bachata. Now eleven years after his mission he tours the country promoting the dance. This article is called Bachata: Utah DJ spins sultry sounds.

Black Mormons at Brigham Young University talk about some of their experiences and some of the difficulty of attending a school where 158 students are black out of 30,246. This article is titled Being a black student at BYU can be difficult. Written in the Deseret News by Amy K. Stewart.

Michael Otterson, the media relations director for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints writes a blog. This last entry was called The American Quest and talks about President Hinckley and describes the "essence of a church is that it is a community of believers, requiring mutual support and encouragement as well as opportunities for service, and therefore for growth. People need other people. Disintegrating societal and familial ties and a profound sense of 'not belonging' pervade America, and churches can offer a home for restless souls." I like his thought on that one. I have friends that have met playing World of Warcraft and got married. Religion can be a commonality for people.

A member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was invited to sing a Fort Walton Beach. International performer comes to Fort Walton Beach printed in The Walton Sun based in Florida. That's kind of cool. Reminds me of my brothers, we all sang together for a long time. We still do when we get the chance.

I don't think it comes as any surprise, but I want to let you in on a little secret about Mormons, they have big families. The Deseret News reports LDS have largest families in US. The report published by the Pew Forum on Religious and Public Life titled U.S. Religious Landscape Survey. Found that Hindus (78%) were most likely to be found married followed by Mormons (71%) the average in the US is 54%. Muslims had the second largest families. Mormons were also more likely to have children than any other group. Jewish people had the largest proportion earning more than $100,000 a year at 46% while Mormons matched the national average at 16%.

The Kansas City has a blog that gives a hat tip to Salt Lake City claiming roads need to be named to help the visitor get around. What does the "corner of Lincoln and Mulberry tell you"? Absolutely nothing! Naming Streets is the title.

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Very Interesting Articles! I have enjoyed singing with you over the years! I understand that there are many Non-Mormon scholars who are now studying the LDS Church. In fact the demand is so high that many Universities there are many new classes in Mormon studies that are beginning to be offered. One interesting area of study is studying the affect of an eighteen-month long mission on the marriage of Senior Couples.