Have Mormons been Decieved?

Have Mormons been Decieved?
By Appreciable Goodfaithpoet

The following comes from the book, History of Salt Lake City by Edward William Tullidge…

“When President Ulysses S. Grant, on his entrance to Salt Lake City (for the first time), in his carriage, passed the multitude of Sunday School children who, under their teachers, had gathered, arrayed in white to welcome him- in their simplicity of manner, emphasizing the greeting of Brigham Young, 'This is the first time I have had the honor of meeting a President of my nation' – he turned to Governor Emery and enquired, ‘Whose children are these?’ He was answered by the Governor, ‘Mormon children.’ For several moments the President was silent, and then he murmered, in a tone of self-reproach, ‘I have been deceived!’ It was in vain for any anti-Mormon, after that utterance, to tell him that those children had been arrayed to give him welcome, for the purpose of making a favorable impression on his mind in behalf of their Mormon parents. To a man of so strong a religious nature as that of Ulysses S. Grant… these Sunday School children, brought up in the fear of the Lord, were, on this Sabbath day of his entrance into our city, more powerful sermons than he had ever heard… (in his church) against the Mormons from his favorite pastor. And even the depreciatory expounding of the anti-Mormon – that this array of Sunday School children was “all gotten up for effect” – would have been entirely lost on a man of simple directness of mind, for Mormon parents, who could with so much natural sagacity conceive the plot of capturing the conqueror of southern rebeldom, by an army of their Sunday School children, were surely not wicked parents, nor unworthy of the regard of the representative ‘father of his Country.’ “

I am a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a Mormon) and as such, like every other Mormon, I have been encouraged by the church to search for and accept the truth wherever I can find it. I have read the sixty-six books in the bible through (several times) I have read all of the Biblical Apocrypha, I have read the Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and the Pearl of Great Price. I’ve been told, over the years, by several people (Who have not read all of these things) that I have been deceived. I find it interesting that many of the people who call me deceived are, in truth, the ones who are in a deceived state about what I believe and what the LDS Church teaches. Many videos and much written information have been produced by former members of the LDS church, which are intentionally dishonest. Many of these materials are circulated vigorously by some of our friends of other faiths in a seeming effort to bring fear into the hearts of their people so that they will not investigate the “More” that Mormonism offers. I have read books given to me by my friends of other faiths regarding their religion. I have had the experience of seeing fear in the eyes of someone as they tell me that they will never read the Book of Mormon. This fear is unnecessary for all those who believe that God can speak to our spirits through the Holy Ghost and help us discern the difference between truth and error. Faith is a much better approach to finding truth and goodness than fear. I believe that there are many who more closely fit the definition of being deceived if they blindly accept what they are told about the LDS Church and the people within this faith without personally questioning and investigating the validity of what they are being told.

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Fleeting_Thoughts said...

I heard someone say once that people that believe in any religion are sheeple. Yes, that is a hybrid of sheep and people. How interesting that some religious people will join forces with those who choose not to believe in a god to attack people of another faith.

We are more similar (all of us both believers and nonbelievers) than we are dissimilar.

Excellent thoughts appreciable.