Ghanan shares why he believes in the Mormon Church

A man from Ghana Africa talks about why he joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His article published in is called Ghana: Why I Joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints He mentions,

"I had gone to visit my daughter in America in 1996 and happened to sit in on discussions she was having with two young men, who were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The things they said about the family, the love of God for His creatures, obedience to His commandments, the nature of Godhead, baptism and other gospel principles and doctrines interested me greatly.As I listened to these young men more and more, sincerity in them reached out to engage sincerity in me. Something out of this world hung in the air - something fresh and sweet and gentle and kind. I like to believe that God Himself, at that moment, spoke to me through the young missionaries of the Church who sat before me. And when they asked me to apply Moroni 10:3-5(in the Book of Mormon) which says, among other things: " Ask God if these things are not true, " I knew that sincerity was indeed the watchword. They were asking me to ask God myself, that I might learn from Him directly."

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appreciable said...

I love the statement about, "something out of this world hung in the air" of course this would be the Spirit of God sent as a testator to the truth and validity of the message that the missionaries were sharing. It has always amazed me to ponder the ammount of confidence it would take in God to send people, (who are searching out for the truth of your religion), to inquire of him for the truth of the message you are sharing. This is so different from the approach of many religions that seem to simply reason with those investigating their faith and then encourage them to rely upon their words alone for a confirmation of the accuracy of their system of religious worship.