Faith, Hope, and The Love of God - Motivator and Harmonizer

I heard somewhere that Faith, Hope, and the Love of God can make a life more enjoyable. While some discount faith right off the bat by saying, "How can you have faith in something you have never seen?" I suppose it depends on your definition of faith. Does it really make sense to say "I believe that something is there; although, I have never seen the something there"? Perhaps faith can be defined as more than "blind belief"?

I propose a bold definition of faith
Around 1250 AD, faith was defined as the "duty of fulfilling one's trust". Could faith not also be defined as a "principle of action"? As one has faith, or in other words fulfills the duty to one's trusts, the individual is propelled forward in action. I think faith then is a motivator. And faith in Jesus Christ represents a motivation to become more like him: kind, thoughtful, gentle, peaceful, and confident.

Hope now enters the mind
With the principle of action represented, or in other words, faith in Jesus Christ as a fine example to follow. I believe one may now hope for better things. Suppose one did not have faith in Christ and instead placed their faith in money, what would be the consequence? If the principle of action is faith in money, then the individual would be motivated to make financial gain, and hope for better monetarily purchased things - clothes, cars, houses. With faith in Christ, the individual is motivated to make self improvements and to hope that such changes will be made permanent. My favorite definition of hope is "to look forward with desire and reasonable confidence". With Jesus as an example of what to look forward to, the modern Christian then has a pattern for love, kindness, respect, confidence, and friendship.

Charity - The Pure Love of Christ
Once one recognizes faith in Christ as a principle of action, develops the forward looking hope of becoming a little more Christ-like, then the individual is ready to both receive and give the pure love of Christ. Charity, not just alms giving, becomes an attitude. A way of viewing and treating those around us just, fair, and right. This ability to view and temper our responses provides the individual's spirit the opportunity to receive joy. I think of this using a small parable I wrote.

A small river running down from the mountains was needed by a man to provide water for his family and farm. Recognizing the high stakes, the man felt motivated to bring together his resources and build a dam to provide for his family. Having never built a dam before, the man researched until at last he found a book written by a man long ago. After reading the book and making some drawings, the man looked forward to his project with desire and confidence that he could harness the water. Feeling his motivation empower him and with his confidence assured, the man built the dam. Able now to harness the water, the man recognized his unique position brought about by the example of the builder that went before and left his message in a book. The man felt greater humility and a stronger connection to earth. His thoughts turned to the good that had come to him, he felt pleased with his work, thankful for his learning, stronger from his motivation, and joyful at what had been accomplished for him and his family. Perhaps this is what Faith, Hope, and Charity can do for you and me.


Anonymous said...

I really like the thoughts that you have shared about the inter-relation of Faith, Hope and Charity. These three words are central to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith, Hope and Charity combine together to keep us moored in the safe harbor of discipleship where we may truly abound in good works. “Upon the rock of Christ we stand, all other ground is sinking sand.” (Author Unknown)

Fleeting_Thoughts said...

appreciable, thank you for your comment. I agree that Faith, Hope and Charity can really make a life better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the important and inspiring topics of Faith, Hope and Charity; Beliving that there is a God, hoping to one day live with Him, and knowing that He loves us with a perfect love adds more beauty and meaning to my life.